Soul Time ~ the Light and the Dark

Wiley’s Wisdom asked recently “What is your purpose?” What are you here to do from your Soul’s perspective? For Wiley, it is to give joy from the ground up. For me, I have had many answers, but it all comes back to, at the end of my days, facing God, and how I will answer, “Did you leave My world a better place?”

Every Saturday, while drinking my morning coffee and writing morning pages, I listen to a radio show called Aging Options, which addresses a critical question re finances, retirement, Wills and Physician Directives. We solemnly plan our Wills and legacies, but what about ensuring you have money after you retire, anticipating possibilities of spending time in a hospital, a nursing home, or wanting to live out your days in the home you have right now. Sounds grim on the face of it, but in fact, utterly crucial to your comfort and self-interest. In many ways, it is laughable that I listen, as there is nothing I have of a financial nature to leave anyone. ‘Course, my 3,500 plus books will make some library or health care center very happy.

I write often of Richard Fernandez and his Belmont Club because he writes well on such a stunning variety of subjects and his readers add greatly to enriching the discussion. Today, Richard tackled what it is to live in this world now with all its doubts and fears and complexity and what actions we take when the end is unknowable, or perhaps, useless. He links to the story of a woman in Calcutta and confronts questions of spirit that are scary to face head on, refusing to blink. As always, the comments, too, are enriching, leaving me far wealthier than when I arrived. And, then, there was this, left by a commenter who always, always makes me sit up and take notice. This one is beautiful and so far outside my world of consideration I might never have known of it:

7 thoughts on “Soul Time ~ the Light and the Dark

  1. Dear friend,
    While it saddens me to think of anything bad taking you away from us, I am certain I know the answer to your question of purpose. You leave the world a better place in your daily life. πŸ™‚
    Lots of love,


  2. Difficult thing, to know your purpose. As time goes by I’ve sort of made peace with what I can and can’t do. I was once at a funeral where the pastor said that how well you lived depends on how many lives you touched. I will fail in that regard because i do try and touch as few lives as possible, but when I do, I try to be the best I can be. And that’s all you can do too.
    You are already positively influencing many lives, and even though old age and death is a certain thing, I just hope that I am able to live sort of decently when I’m there. Otherwise i’ll just go to Belgium and have myself euthenased πŸ™‚
    Enjoyed the clip P – that is indeed a rousing piece of music!


    • You always get me thinking, J! I think it is not the quantity of lives you touch, but the quality with which you touch them. To be the best you can be is what is asked of us and trying is how we accomplish it – my opinion πŸ™‚ You have always done well by me, my friend. Great clip, wasn’t it?! I never realized how others interpret it – Ode to Joy is one of my favorites and was my wedding march…. Not sure I even realized it was part of the Ninth. I had season tickets to the symphony and with each new concert, I fell asleep earlier and earlier while sitting in the audience. By the end of the season, all they had to do was tune their instruments and I was out like a light! I am going to follow up and see the whole documentary of that Ninth. Have a great week, my friend.


  3. Hunt, I am sure over your lifetime, you have served many purposes, and influenced many more. I am sure that when your time is up, you will be able to move on knowing in your heart and soul that you have accomplished what you have been asked to. I am sure you will able to stand up against whatever measures are placed against you, and come out on the positive side. The depth of your caring is beyond belief. And those that claim you as a friend have a friend for life. I believe you have filled your ledger out quite well Don’t fret kiddo, you have and continue to serve the purpose designed for you. Take care, Bill.


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