Sanctuary: I love my home

I am blessed to love my home. There are several layers to that love. It is the joy of walking through my front door and closing it, knowing that no one is coming through that door without an invitation. That sounds inhospitable. Not so. The warmth and quiet of my home is how I rejuvenate to give more of myself. Too often, out in the world, there are so many calls on your attention, so many needs to be filled, that to have a sanctuary where I know there exists a space just for me is bliss.

The question of the day: When you are away from home, what or whom do you miss the most? Home, for me, is made up of many things. It is being joyfully greeted at the door by Ella, my gorgeous loving greyhound who dances in place, sniffs me all over to know who I’ve been with, seeming to check me from head to toe to be sure I am well and thriving. Followed by Elby, That Cat! who has learned to get out of Ella’s long whipping helicopter tail. Almost immediately, they follow me into the bathroom where they tell me about their day and ask about mine – seriously, they do.

I have learned to appreciate the very light and heat available at a switch. We’ve had some tough winters here where the power gets turned off for several days, even a week. Nothing compared to the Dakotas, of course, but tough enough in the Pacific Northwest. Every morning, when I take a hot shower, I give thanks to the woman who nagged the man to install indoor plumbing. Truly, I do. What a miracle a hot shower can be.

Then, there’s my favorite – okay, second favorite, purchase. My stand alone freezer. Who knew you could have an indoor stand alone freezer in an apartment? Well, you can. In mine, it fits right behind the sofa at just a slight height difference, enabling Elby a great view of the back patio with squirrels and birds, passing cats and kids kicking leaves. What that freezer does for me is give me a heightened sense of security. Every time I go to the market, I get something for the freezer and I know there’s enough food in there that if the money ends tomorrow, I am good for quite a long time. Same with my cupboards.

My number one purchase was my king size bed and the expensive linens and eight or so pillows, and the very expensive down comforter that all combine together – this is a sanctuary in and of itself. I read somewhere that you spend a third of your life in bed and, upon hearing that, I determined that it required the very best I could afford. A bed is quite an investment, but when you think it is supposed to last for 20 years, well! Clearly, it behooves us to choose wisely and well. Many years ago, I moved into an apartment that came equipped with this gorgeous looking kind size bed. Up until then, I had a queen size bed. Since it was no longer needed, I gave my queen bed away and climbed into the king size bed, eager to stretch in every direction. Mind, I’m only about 5’2 and generally about 94 lbs, so as someone said long ago, “Gee, Huntie, you make a VW look spacious!” Here’s the thing: the mattress had this deep groove built up from past occupants and it was like sleeping in a trough you had to fight your way clear of, only to roll back into it. My first king size bed cost $1,000 when that meant something in terms of dollars. Later, the down comforter cost almost as much. Both rewarded me for many years until one memorable Valentine’s Day night they both caught fire and, once again, I was out shopping for the next third of my life. After cleaning up thousands upon thousands of little wet downy feathers that broke loose during the fire. But that is another story…

16 thoughts on “Sanctuary: I love my home

  1. A delightful piece that is so timely for us. With our daughter’s upcoming home sale, and her downsizing from 2200 sqft to perhaps 900, you have focused on the real precious-ness of “Home”. Truth is, you sell your house, you move your home with you.


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  5. I would love to hear that story πŸ˜‰
    Never burnt any beds. Bridges, sure, many of them, but never a bed!!
    As for what I miss when I’m not home, for me it would be the mostly people free zone I’ve surrounded myself with πŸ™‚


  6. Great post. Like you, I’ve often said that mankind’s best invention was the hot shower.
    Mgbernardy, I just moved into a 700 sq ft home, and it has everything I need; no more and no less. It’s liberating to jettison most of the extraneous nonsense and hew to the essentials.


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  8. Hunt, You make me feel like a glutton, with my 2200 + sq ft house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have my man cave to which I can and do escape. Like so many others I truly appreciate the hot shower, but the most important thing I have is the whole house generator, during emergencies I don’t have to worry about abandoning my home to go to a shelter. Besides I have a place that neighbors can call a sanctuary. I like that, take care, Bill


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