Breaking Bad is very good

For those like me who missed the TV series, “Breaking Bad,” – well, provided you like excellent plotting, beautifully written script and superb acting, you are in for a treat as it is now available via Netflix streaming. Word of warning, I started it last night and got to Season 2, Episode 4 before I turned it off at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. (redundant phrase that)

It is 11:28 p.m. as I write this and I don’t dare try to watch just one episode tonight. I have an early class tomorrow morning and city debates tomorrow night.

Why did it take me so long to discover this series? It ran six seasons, from 2008 to 2013. Probably because I was in school when it started, while working full-time, and a bad habit of mine, “if everybody likes it, don’t bother.” Also, I didn’t like the intro description – I am tired of crime being celebrated as it so often is. I have yet to see the Sopranos, and after this, I’m guessing I’ll like it as well. This show though…. it is both deadly serious and quite funny, the characters catching you off guard in their reactions to what is happening. I refuse to spoil it for you, just give it a whirl.

13 thoughts on “Breaking Bad is very good

  1. I had a similar experience. Resisted watching Breaking Bad because I get tired of all the violent stuff everywhere you look and I think you’re right about the celebration of crime. I decided to watch one episode just to see what it was about, and I was hooked. I tried to limit the number of episodes per day; and took breaks now and then because being immersed in too much violence and meanness gets to be too much. It’s exceptionally well written, acted, directed. Kind of a morality tale. I haven’t seen the final eight episodes yet. I was hoping they would turn up on Netflix soon!


  2. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, either. It’s on my Netflix list, too! 🙂 Right now, I’m watching Sons of Anarchy. I’m finishing up season two. I do the same thing as you: stay up really late and watch back to back episodes! I love it, but with the kids it’s not such a good idea. LOL I love watching tv shows on Netflix because I don’t have to wait for the next episode and no commercials! woot! 🙂


  3. Jenn, glad there’s another out there who ignores the voice insisting on bed! Yes, when Netflix works, it works well – they are very restricted though in what they stream. It is bliss without the commercials or the wait time. Grin.


      • Because I’m in SA.
        Our bandwidth is not as great as it is in the States, and at R10 to the dollar, buying and streaming these things online can rake up a pretty penny…
        But people do download the stuff – trick is to find somebody that has oodles of cash and lots of storage space 😉


  4. So, Robinbenjamin4 points out she can’t get Season 6 on Neflix yet. She is absolutely right. I did some research – and found out the network split Season 5 – so there is no Season Six per se. From what I can tell, the final season will be released on November 26, but you can pay for it on Amazon at $1.99 an episode… or, at Netflix, one of the top reviewers describes how to access the UK Netflix, which has the final season…. 🙂


  5. Hunt, I must be in the vast minority here, I have never seen a single episode of the series, and am so far behind in the ones I like I may never get to it. Take care, Bill


    • No, No, Bill – that’s the point – they all were behind and shunned it for one reason or another – then we each watched one episode and were hooked! Beware, this could happen to you… 🙂


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