Update on the Family/Staff

I realize I have not been keeping you up-to-date on the antics of Ella, the Greythound and Elby, That Cat! It was due to an inability to produce pictures of them. Initially, my photos were from my antiquated cell phone, which started telling me it was not willing to save or send more pictures, even when I had clean out my collection. Okay, pruned my collection. Months ago, I purchased my first digital camera off E-Bay, ordinarily an excellent site. And, in truth, the seller was honest, prompt and helpful. While probably out of date by today’s standards, it was sufficient for my needs. Too much so. I had so many darn options and so little patience to learn them. Then, the little gizmo that slides shut to protect the lens – you know, like a Star Trek door – fffffooooommmm – that sound when the two to four panels hiss shut – died. It would only close partway. Sad, really. So, bottom line, I had no camera. And, then, just last week, one of my friends came over and I cajoled her into taking some up to date photos of Ella and Elby.

Elby has grown since you last saw him. He has just past his first birthday. His feet measure 5 inches long, his body stretches to 3-4 feet in length, he weighs something like 14 lbs., and his coat has darkened over time, making me itch to paint him. He is a scamp. Here is himself:

Elby, That Cat! ~ October 2013

Elby, That Cat! ~ October 2013

Ella, the greythound, has grown into her position as Ambassador of Greyhounds with elan. I am on good terms with everyone in the complex solely due to Ella. These do not do her justice as some quirk of lighting makes her look like a spawn’s demon:




By the 3:1 ratio, did you guess the photos were taken by Ella’s foster Mama? Grin.

11 thoughts on “Update on the Family/Staff

  1. Elby looks elegant and Ella streamlined.
    My camera has for some time refused to close that cover properly. No problem as long as it opens fully – in need it can be given a push. For closing before putting away, a few sharp slaps on the rump usually teach it manners.


  2. Hunt, Your family looks wonderful, so full of life, it is little wonder that you are the joy you are. With the influence of both Ella and Elby, you have a constant reason to smile, and your smiles infect the rest of us. Take care, Bill


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