Stats & Thank You!

Last night, I received a congratulations from the Stat Wizards that I had just received 1,000 likes – not all in the same day, mind you. Whichever one of you clicked “like” last night tipped me into the 1,000 star category. Thank you! Further, I have 165 followers. For people who do not blog here at Word Press, we each have a Stats page and it shows us how many readers, how many views (they do not match number for number – some readers wander through the site, bless their hearts), what countries the readers are from, what tags are most popular, what links led to your site.

Initially, you watch those stats like a hawk – checking in every hour on the hour. Then, thank the gods, life and balance reassert themselves and you gradually release your death grip on the mouse. I used to wonder if this is how teenagers view Facebook and the like.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Stats & Thank You!

  1. It took me a long, long time not to care about the stats. I’d still rather have 20,000 views daily instead of the reality. Ho hum πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on those 1,000 likes. It’s a great hurdle to cross.


  2. Hunt,,By the time I am done, you will have 1500 likes, and 4000 comments, and a bunch of chuckles. Reading your blog has been a lot of fun and very informative. I look forward to our continued growth. And now I will go look at mine. I haven’t checked in weeks. Please take care, Bill


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