Note to Newbies:

As I look at my posts for the past week, and think of newcomers, I am wondering if posting some suggested posts for reading is warranted? Or, if you prefer to just explore the site? If so, be sure to click on Archives, choose a month and then you can scroll down reading titles and […]

Thanksgiving ~ I am thankful for….

I am thankful for each and every one of you. Dear God, I open to receive all of your blessings pouring down upon me, and I accept each and every one of them, known and unknown, and I thank you for these blessings and the ones in which I get to participate. I believe in […]

Not to worry: The easiest, best Turkey recipe Ever!

Many first-timers are looking at this: or… you may be here: and you’re hoping to turn it into this: Well, not to worry, I’ve got your six, I’ve got you covered. I wrote this out to be idiot-proof – literally taking you step to step. Here you go: First, a few notes. If you’re still […]

Resolutions for 2014…? “wwhhhaaattt?”

Rant forthcoming: What on earth is going on with jumping ahead of life cycle events?! Make resolutions for 2014? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet?! This is just wrong. Life is fast-paced enough that I am not jumping to January 1, 2014. No sir! Rant ongoing: Anybody out there that is gobsmacked by seeing Halloween decorations […]

Food! Glorious Food! Nothing is better!

When I was married, my husband, who was a superb cook, used to tease me that I had 11 recipes that contained the same essential ingredients. I was chagrined to admit he was right and he was the first to admit they all tasted really good. Asked about temptation along the lines of favorite or […]

Some Pics

Courtesy of Military Wall of Honor’s Facebook; and, Might want to read this one twice…. Courtesy of Lee Townsend’s Facebook; and “Something most people never get to see…a 4 day old greyhound puppy:” Courtesy of Steve Pryor’s Facebook; and And just to round it off… by the end you will be inspired or need to […]