This is my favorite day of the year

Saturday night, before going to bed, it was time to change the clocks back to standard time. You know, “Spring forward, Fall back.” We turn the clocks back one hour before falling asleep so that when we wake up on Sunday, we will have all day to adjust and be super productive on Monday. I never do it.

I take keen joy in looking at every clock in my house and saying, “No, no. You are just plain wrong. It’s not 11:00 a.m. Uuh uuh (how do you write that negative sound? Na-nh? Huh-unh?) To me, it is a luxurious joy to have an extra hour and to be surprised by it throughout the day. Love it! 😉

8 thoughts on “This is my favorite day of the year

  1. Hunt, Yes I like falling back, but it doesn’t do me much good, I don’t sleep an extra hour, I just wake and find it’s 530a instead of 630a. The day starts and at some point I am sitting in the bedroom adjusting the time on 27 wrist watches, and asking myself why did I start collecting watches. Smiling, have a great February day. Take care, Bill


  2. Hunt, as you know I have my collections. watches just happen to be one. I am more prone to leaving my cell phone where I can’t use it as not. But I am getting better. Take care, Bill


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