Brain on Walkabout ~

My friend, Rara, posted today that she felt like she’d misplaced her mojo, that her brain has gone on walkabout.

Rara, you see what you did?! You got everybody to come forward and talk about their hidden monsters under the bed – lost mojo, the blahs, that feeling you’re only writing “blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-o-blah.” I read through the responses – and one mentioned Mercury in Retrograde – aha! I did a quick check – Mercury went retrograde October 21 and will go direct on November 10.

Here’s the thing: Mercury rules our thoughts, communication, short distance travel, siblings, mechanical things, writing, writing, writing. When it goes retrograde, it throws spanners into those cogs and wheels. Here’s what astrologers recommend during retrograde – first understand it happens four times a year. Second, never, ever launch a new computer system – it will go to crap in a heartbeat and you will just have to do it again (and they always launch new computers systems when Mercury is in retrograde!). Get your car tuned before or after – never during – it will have to be done again. Miscommunications are so common during this time – it is best that this be a planning time, not a doing time.

And, here’s the good news, Rara! Your inner mojo sensed this universal corkscrew and went on vacation. Your job is to take care of your pneumonia, write and post whatever, and see how you feel by November 13 – takes a few days to level out. Trust me – she’s just having adventures – and will give you lots of stuff to write about when she comes back.

13 thoughts on “Brain on Walkabout ~

  1. Hunt, I am so glad you found Rara mojo. Clearly you introduced me Rara after the Mojo issue because she has had it in spades since I have known here. So thank you for saving the world as we know it. I thought I had felt a brief shift back before Thanksgiving. Take care, Bill


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