Princeton & The Wood Pile…

Princeton ~ courtesy of Angi Long

From Angi Long on Facebook at the Royal Hounds Greyhound Adoption Page –

Dear Princeton,

Apparently, I am going to need to keep you on leash by my side until we find a more hound-proof way to store the firewood.

Don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who pulled the lid off the bucket and ate the First stick and most of a second before I could get something to trade you for the bit that was left. You’re the one who ignored my “NO” and hauled the huge chunk of LOG out and started gnawing on THAT when I put the lid back solidly on the bucket. You’re the one who has covered half the living room with wood and bark chips.

Remember that horrible heaving the other evening? Remember the literally gut-wrenching, painful-sounding noises you made? Remember the pile of wood pulp that your body ejected, through your mouth, onto the carpet? Do you know why that happened?

Because WOOD IS NOT FOOD. See, even your own body clearly knows that! I’m not just making it up to spoil your fun. It’s true!

You have no less than EIGHT bones in this very room. Some in the toy basket, some spread around the floor. Bones are for chewing on. They’re even okay to swallow, in the appropriately-sized pieces you manage to gnaw off. I know you like them.

Toys, also, are acceptable for chewing on. That’s why we call them “chew toys”. You should ideally minimize how many toys you actually *swallow*, but for you to chew on is pretty much the reason we bought them in the first place.

And food. Actual food is good for chewing on. And you do get plenty of it. You get 2 meals in your bowl every single day. Plus a large bedtime snack every night as reward for letting me brush your teeth. Plus treats throughout the day — for rewards, for training, in rewards for tricks just for fun — and I know you get enough of those, because I measure the kibble we use for those treats into a baggie for you every single morning.

Rawhide chews. Those are also good for chewing. And you get those whenever we go out and leave you home. That’s not every day, but it’s at least a few times a week, usually.

You have plenty of appropriate things to chew on. Please chew on the things we give you for that purpose. But PLEASE, Princeton — for the love of Dog, please! — please stop chewing on the firewood! WOOD IS NOT FOOD.


— Mommy

6 thoughts on “Princeton & The Wood Pile…

  1. Hunt, I can almost see the finger shaking and point as this letter is being written. I do hope Princeton read, of have someone (like a lawyer) read it to him. Yes I realize you have presented a win win, but as we well know sometimes that is not enough. Please take care, Bill


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