Is the American Voter akin to a Battered Wife?

She makes excuses, refuses to press charges, takes the blame for each and every hit and really believes “Sorry, sorry – it will never happen again.” “Not my fault – it was your fault. You made me do it.” Is Obamacare the lie that makes her flee once and for all or will she just forgive him one more time? Stay tuned.

Her friends in the media – those hard-hitting reporters – should have protected her – at least written honestly about the galling failures of this presidency, both domestically and abroad. Maybe that’s why those Grecian pillars were Styrofoam, so Senator Obama would be able to float above it all when he became President.

We had a 25% voter turn out for the General Election. I’m wondering how much difference in voter response the closing of our poll stations and going to all mail-in ballots has made? Anybody?

3 thoughts on “Is the American Voter akin to a Battered Wife?

  1. The voting public. if the majority of voters are idiots, they will vote in other idiots.
    We have a man here, the vice president of the ruling party, telling voters to vote ANC so that the white “Boer” does not steal their country again.
    Well, it would seem that the majority of voters in the Suck heap are indeed idiots.
    Good luck to America – you’ve only begun the slippery slide to anarchy…We’ve been wallowing in it for a while now.


  2. Hunt, I would have like to have thought it would make a difference, I would have like to have thought that the American public is smart enough to figure it out. But clearly I have become a jaded optimist. I always hope and pray for our leaders to prove themselves worthy, but I am never disappointed when they turn out be screw-ups. And then the public feeds on this and have become jaded as well, figuring that a criminal will be elected and do self-serving things so why should the waste their time and effort in voting. Because they have found that even when the person they want gets elected they don’t keep any of their promises, and the public is once again screwed. Take care, Bill


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