Is this even legal? (Updated)

As more information comes out re the consequences of Obamacare and the implementation of a bill no one read, fixes no one did or thought of, results no one imagined, I am left scratching my head in puzzlement and wonder. Does it take a genius to understand economics? Maybe just some straight up education and it’s free! I’ve written many posts on this, but here’s where we are today six weeks into the launch of turning one sixth of the economy into dross:

1. Congress passed, without one Republican vote, The Affordable Healthcare Act (also known as Obamacare), mandating all Americans must have healthcare insurance by 2014 or they would be fined.
2. The Supreme Court declared it legal, stating that, despite all arguments to the contrary, it was to be considered a tax.
3. Various interests groups are given over a 1,000 waivers from having to obey the law.
4. President Obama unilaterally grants a waiver to employers for one year, but insists the individual must follow the law.
5. President Obama consistently stated (29 times) that “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
6. October 1, 2013, Obamacare rolled out. The goal from October thru March was to have a minimum of 7 million participants. Here’s where we are:

Mind you, the government is counting people who may have selected a plan, but not yet paid for it. So, window shopping counts too.

7. Today, President Obama came out and announced you could keep your canceled plan for another year….

Is that even doable? Is that even legal?

So, if I understand this correctly: This all started because somewhere between 30-50 million people in the United States were without healthcare insurance. Those with healthcare insurance (something like 70-90% were happy with their coverage – from memory only). But the reality is and was known that the number of people who would lose their healthcare plan was estimated to be 93 million. 93 million. Forbes did a great articulation of this yesterday. Not only do they lose the plan they liked, but they get to pay more for a new one, with a higher deductible, covering stuff they may not need or want, i.e., birth control, maternity care, and viagra.

And, we are going to be double-taxed on this – first, you pay more before or after taxes and then, as a taxpayer, we pick up the tab on those guaranteed assistance for their healthcare plan payments.

Didn’t we go to war with the British on taxation without representation? I don’t feel represented.

Update: Obamacare Enrollment by each State.

16 thoughts on “Is this even legal? (Updated)

  1. I’m so glad that it isn’t just Downunder where we loathe and detest our politicians. Sorry to seem flippant: I’m not, really – but of course I can’t begin to understand what’s going down in your neck of the woods.


    • There are days where the world just seems to have gone mad, M.R. Markets are up when they should be crashing like a rickety ladder…. we seem to have gone back to childhood and the ever handy ending, “And they lived happily ever after….” Australia is on my list of places to visit!


  2. Well said. What a mess. There were problems with insurance companies (likely due to government involvement in the first place) but the idea of the government being in charge of fixing it rather than getting disentangled from it makes no sense to me. When the government says, “we’re here to help you” run for the hills!


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  4. Hunt, I know I am a moroon because I just haven’t followed this, I know we have spoken, and I know thru you I am a bit better educated. But my reality is I have my healthcare thru the Fed govt, and I am going to keep it, and it isn’t going away. I know the premiums have gone up considerable since I have retired and that the co-pays keep creeping upward, but the plan is solid, BCBS Fed, and my wife carries it after I am gone at less than 1/2 the price. Maybe I should pay closer attention, but I haven’t. In a few months I hit 65, and add the cost of medicare (104.95) a month to what I pay BCBS.

    I feel for the folks that got screwed, and who will continue to be screwed, and again this is something we have talked about, there has got to be somekind of system in place to provide for the medical needs of those that can’t, there has got to be a system in place that allows for affordable healthcare, that isn’t run by bigger morons than myself. You wrote this in Nov 13, here it is Mar 14, and the news is only worst. Yes more people have signed up, yes more people are covered, but the system is so broken and they haven’t even got the bow off the box. I sit here spinning my wheels and thanking god I can afford the coverage i have, and I pray for those that who can’t afford the coverage they need. Take care, Bill


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