5 thoughts on “Time out for some joy and awe!

  1. Even though it’s really the only beautiful aria from “Gianni Schicchi” it’s a blast. To hear it sung by a little girl is … astonishing! Who trained her? Who is she? What’s her future?
    P.S. I ADORE opera, but only Italian (and some French).


    • M.R., thanks for the title of the opera – I like bits and pieces of opera – such as this!, but could not name most of ’em. Just that when I hear them, it makes my soul soar.


  2. Hunt, I truly love seeing talent like this, I am always amazed, and I always appreciate it. Being honest I am not as amazed when it’s an adult that performs at this level, but anytime I see a child genius, I am immediately drawn to the fact that God does work in mysterious ways. Thank you, Bill


    • There you are, Bill, you put it beautifully. I am so glad you commented today and thus, caught my attention to see this again. It was just what I needed to shift my mood. That little girl’s expressions while singing and then at the end, her lovely little girl smile was perfect!


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