What I thought life would be like when I grew up

My friend, Jayce68 has taken up the challenge to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days (!) – crazy, huh? Fantastic, I say! Jayce68 is famous for posting music to accompany her blogs and since she began her novel, rumored to be a romance, her music tastes are reflected. She posted one last night and I am stealing it.

When I was about nine years old, I distinctly remember standing in a friend’s kitchen with my friend’s mother and sobbing my eyes out because the music was so loud and ugly compared to what I thought it would be when I grew up. Mind, I might have been visiting and was closer to 14 or 15. Twenty-four wouldn’t be out of the question either.

In my parents’ house, we grew up on Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, Ella FitzGerald, Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass. In my imagination, when I grew up, I would be dressed in silks and skirts that fell to the floor and rustled when you walked across the room, leaving a very delicate waft of perfume in my passing. I would go to piano bars with my beau, the lights would be dim and flattering, leather chairs with buttons that hugged your body as you raised your glass and took a sip of aged brandy in a crystal snifter.

Instead, I got acid rock.

Here’s what I thought it would be like. Thanks, Jayce68:

6 thoughts on “What I thought life would be like when I grew up

  1. Glad you liked the tune P 😉
    That kind of tune has always been able to bring my brain rhythms right down to manageable levels – and I too dream of smoky clubs and smoky tunes…


  2. Hunt, My tastes in music still lean towards acid rock, or new age or whatever the hell it is I listen too. But I love Jazz as well, and my wife and I would go to a club in Alexandria VA, once or twice a month and have a couple of drinks as we listened to this music for a couple hours. Thanks for sharing this, Take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, you are more embracing of certain forms of music than I am. Grin. Clearly. Yet, we come together in appreciation of country, country western, and some of the old groups. That’s what makes for friendship, learning about stuff we wouldn’t ordinarily examine. Thanks for broadening my horizons thru your music lists on your site!


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