Differences on Axes

To all my friends and fellow bloggers – please welcome a very dear, personal friend of mine who has just launched her blog “Path to the Frontier.”

Path To The Frontier


Since I grew up in a city in the south, I never really had a need to use an ax to chop firewood. The closest I got was using a hatchet to make kindling while camping. Therefore, when I move up to Washington state, and finally had a fireplace that was not just for looks, I needed to learn to split my own wood. So the ignorant city girl goes to Home Depot and picks up an ax. I came home and began working on splitting my firewood that had just been delivered. I grab my new, trusty ax and start splitting away. It can’t be too hard. I’ve seen people do it. They just set the round on an end, lift the ax in the air, bring it down with force sharp edge down, and boom, you’re chopping wood, right? So I follow those steps, and wham, my axe…

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5 thoughts on “Differences on Axes

  1. Hunt, This is my comment to Dusti’s story. Take care, Bill

    Dusti, Winter has been and gone, and you learned your lesson still early in the season. When I bought my 1st home that had a wood burning fireplace, I had just about as much skill as you had. We only approached it slightly different. I went to Lowe’s, was standing there looking at axes (mostly by price), when the sales guy walked up and asked me what I needed to do, I told him I was going to split some firewood, he said choose from these and walked away. I had the right tool immediately, like you I was functional, but unlike you I didn’t care for the job. From that point forward I only bought split wood. When I left VA and moved to FL that axe didn’t make the move. You can thank your good friend Hunt for my visit, I and working on a task and while reading her blog, one of her posts was a reblog of this wonderful story. She said come visit. So here I am. It has been months since you began your Blog, I suspect you have been a great success. Keep it up, you’re a great story teller. Take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, thanks for visiting Dust’s blog; she is a close personal friend and I am sure she will be delighted with your visit and your comments. Best ~ Hunt


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