Just between you and me ~ Part I

I want to share something with you. It won’t be polished and smooth. Might be both funny and sad and awkward. Certainly, this post turned out to be far longer than I ever intended. I truly chased a rabbit on this one. I can tell I will have to break it up into parts for the faint of heart. I thought it would answer the day’s challenge, but I have traveled far afield.

Today is Sunday. While I pray and mediate every day, Sunday I set aside for God and me. I try especially hard on Sundays to hear how best I can serve Him/Her/The Source.

Today, I had a whole bunch of thoughts ricocheting through my head bouncing from people I connected with yesterday, to worries about my financial situation, to what my purpose is and how best to accomplish it. I have learned what I think it is, but how to execute it is a whole ‘nother thing. Over the last 30 years, my purpose has changed as I met the challenges God set me.

Initially, my purpose was to learn how to be independent. Got that one down. Solid. And when God said, “Okay, Hunt, congratulations. You can go the rest of your life like this or I can give you a new purpose. What’s it to be?” My answer was immediate with no hesitation. “Give me another one, God. I want to go like a rocket!”

The people with whom I studied metaphysics, spirituality and meditation just shuddered when they heard my response. They cautioned, “Um, Hunt, might want to rethink that…” I waved their concerns aside. I was flying high that I had accomplished my mission and I was only about 33. Good on me, Self! Being God, He/She/The Source said, “Alright then, Hunt. Your new purpose is to come back to the middle, learn to be both independent and dependent. Do you accept?” Gulp. “Why yes, God. I accept.”

Take it from me, I learned. It was both the most joyous and heart-breakingly painful lesson to date. And, I’ve got quite a lot of experience to measure that by.

I got married.

(continued in Part II, which can be found here.)

16 thoughts on “Just between you and me ~ Part I

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  4. Hunt, One of your followers commented to me on mine that he was only there thru your good words. I know you found me because of Paulette shout out, and that we had exchanged comments. I wanted to come to the beginning of your journey, and experience what you experienced, and to grasp your emotions as you did so, pretty much as you said you would by reading mine. You’re a great writer, and it’s shame you have to write about such a shitty subject. But you’re helping folks, you’re making them aware, you’re putting the word out, and we need to share that word as much as possible to as large an audience as we can find. I will continue my journey thru your blog, and comment as I go along. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, thank you so much for your feedback. I wrote Parts I-VI all in one sitting over about 10 hours and in looking at the segway to COPD, I thought I’d lose a lot of readers. To know that I helped someone to find you makes me feel good from head to toe. 🙂 It is the weirdest ailment/disease in that early on you’re okay and then out of nowhere you aren’t. Being at different points in progression might really help others to understand. Thanks for leading the way, Bill. Breathe well. (ha! A new way of closing salutation). 🙂


  5. Hunt, I took a look at your blog before I jumped to the COPD aspect, your blog had an audience long before you chose to write about COPD and it’s impact on you. They will stay and enjoy the rest of your blog and you won’t lose a reader. But you may gain a few COPD sufferers along the way. There by putting out the word, and have a forum to which to speak. As you looked at my blog 90 pct of the stuff I posted was COPD related in the early stages. And my blog grew with it. Many of my readers do not suffer with COPD at all, but they have been touch by the disease either thru a friend of a friend or family member. You’re helping spread the word, you’re helping you by not keeping it bottled up. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, your encouragement is so helpful. I was thinking I had better check this series to be sure I listed COPD in the tags for people to find perhaps. In truth, compared to so many, I feel a bit of a fraud – until it hits and then….not so much. 🙂


        • Hunt, I am smiling now, I have reached a point where I am seeing original comments to your posts. Maybe I have caught up, I will continue to look to make sure. Take care, Bill


          • Yes, you wizard. I shall miss your discoveries, comments and encouragement on old posts I’d forgotten. When I opened the blog today, I was stunned at how many posts you’d been to and commented upon! Thank you from my heart, Bill. xxoo Huntie


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