And now, for something just a tad lighter….Celebration!

Today, my stats read that I have reached an all time new high (the nature of stats, yes?). I’m grinning from head to toe.

This past weekend when I wrote for 7-10 hours chasing one of my favorite rabbit holes (all about me), I was somewhere around 4,900 views, meaning that over this year of 2013, there had been that many views of my site – not to be confused with visits or followers. For my following, I had something like 182 or maybe 185.

TODAY we crossed the threshold of 5,000 – all the way to 5,033 and 192 followers – meaning 192 people want to know whenever I post something new. Five Thousand Twenty Two views! One Hundred Ninety-Two people want to know what I’m thinking, doing, writing!

I had hoped to get there by my annual renew date, December 12, though this was hatched @ December 16, 2012. THANK YOU!!!!

And I’ll tell you another great thing.

One of my fellow bloggers, Ms. Jenn, herself, of Mash Potatoes Blog, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

and just as soon as I figure out where I went wrong with the image widget – RAWR – there’ll be a post and an image in left sidebar. Somehow I’ve managed to “disappear” two out of three…. RAWR!!!

14 thoughts on “And now, for something just a tad lighter….Celebration!

  1. Now that’s well done, Peggie! – bloody well done! Fun, ain’t it?,this idiocy of counting stuff about our blogs. I’m celebrating my first month today and you a teeny bit over your first year, so neither of us is exactly old and hoary. Doing well but. πŸ™‚


    • M.R., no, no, no πŸ™‚ – under a year for me, like we said when we were kids, I’m 11 months, 2 weeks and counting…!

      Congratulations on your first month! Huzzah!

      One of my favorite forms of praise “Well done!” Thank you! I accept! Grin.


  2. Hunt, more power to you. I am still trying to increase my readership. Like you and MR say we haven’t been at this long. Readers and followers are on the way.

    Keep up the good work! Take care, Bill


  3. Congrats to my friend, Huntie! You surprised me with your writing, and perhaps even startled yourself a little too. Just remember, I knew you before you were famous. Well done, chick.


    • Oh, Maureen! Y’all have outdone yourselves! I don’t think even an hour went by before the stats had jumped AGAIN! All time high of views for the day hit 74 and, and, 5,045 views. That’s twice in one week. AND, another follower for a total of 193! Ooorrraaahhh!

      Ella & Elby and I are celebrating!

      I surprised you with my writing? One of my most faithful readers? – Well, you”re right about startling myself – I never thought I’d share that stuff in a million years. Thanks for always visiting and commenting, MB!


  4. I’ve never taken a look at my stats. I don’t even know how to do it! LOL But you deserve the award because you’re a terrific writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and friendship. πŸ™‚


  5. Hunt, Smiling I bet my ass your numbers have gone way up the last 4 months LOL LOL. It has been so much fun exploring your blog, and getting to know you. Take care, Bill


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