I have confidence in me ~ most of the time

I have days where I feel like this:

And then there are days, where I look in the mirror and I see this one looking back:

or those intense writing sessions:

those days of self-reflection:

but, if I am lucky, really, really lucky, I get up on the right side of the bed and walk into the bathroom and say,

and then there are those days… those days where you get at 1:08 a.m., the following

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Sorry, DP ducks, no link. Happy Thursday, everybody!

7 thoughts on “I have confidence in me ~ most of the time

  1. Hunt, There ain’t no doubt, when I stare into the mirror, I want the guy starring back to say “Yelp, you’re okay the way you are.” Great post. Take care, Bill


  2. The most lovely thing of all is not taking ourselves too seriously. Finding humor in most everything in life means you win! Huntie, you are a WINNER.


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