Between you and me, Part 7 (VII)

Aren’t you tired of those Roman Numerals? Me, too. Here you go, what you’ve been hanging on for, the good stuff.

It is Sunday again, a week after I had written Parts I-VI. Seeing the word count, something over 3,000, I broke it into Parts and published two parts per day, drawing out the suspense, living the dream of a writer that my readers would care enough to come on back and find out what’s next. It’s the Irish in me in telling a long winded story… there’s a secret side of us that loves to hear people shout, “Oh! Would you get to the point?!” Hey, it’s the journey, not the destination.

And that is the good news of this story. It all started when I was talking with God last Sunday. Each and every day, whether working or not, I write morning pages – okay, sometimes life gets away from me and those become afternoon or evening pages. Point is I write ’em. And I have written them since about 1999. Previously, I’d written a journal, but months might go by between writings and the urge to write was more frequently because I was going through a difficult time, like falling in love and it wasn’t working out – he didn’t know I was alive. Ah, hindsight – the luxury of loving from afar and not coming to grips with what a challenge loving truly is. Grin. Drama, the stuff I thought life was made of. “The things of youth,” as the Desiderata says.

In fact, I wrote a book comprised of those early writings, entitled “Once There Was Laughter.” Mind, it never got published and it is the reason why I will never run for office, especially in this day and age where you must bow your head and say, “Forgive me, I have sinned.” None of their damn business. My mother, bless her heart, always fluttered, “Hunt, how about another one called “And There Was Laughter Again?”

Before closing out my pages for the day, I have a couple of other things I do.

If you’ve never heard of Angel Cards, I suggest you follow that link and get some. Fifty-Two little tiny cards, each listing a positive quality and portraying an Angel performing the activity. Long ago, when teaching meditation to a classroom of people, I would have a crystal bowl with packets of those tiny Angel Cards. I would ask people to think about a situation they wanted input on and have them draw two cards. One with the left hand and one with the right hand. If you were right handed, then the Angel Card you drew with your left was what you were receiving from the situation and the one in your right hand was what you were giving to the situation. For the lefties, it was the reverse. Always, always, the person’s face would relax, their shoulders come down from around their ears and a softness would come from reading the two they picked.

Each day, I pick two cards, thinking it’s God’s way of telling me what to keep in mind throughout my day. On Sundays, I pick for the Week and for the Day. I also do the same with Soulutions by Jody Miller Stevenson, picking page numbers for whatever comes to mind in the same spirit as the Angel Cards. And, I read the daily entry from God Calling and Jesus Calling. All this might sound like a lot of work. Honestly, it isn’t. It is setting my day up for having a good one, for being alert to the miracles of everyday life that happen all around us. It keeps me from thinking it is all about me.

Oh, gosh darn it, we’re up to a word count of 656 and we haven’t gotten to the good part.

Hunt, don’t forget to link, and well as Parts I-VI. Keep going, kid, you’re doing great. ๐Ÿ™‚

For Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, just click on each of those numbers.

6 thoughts on “Between you and me, Part 7 (VII)

  1. Hunt, There are two things I would like out of this, one is your book of sins, I do believe I would find it enjoyable reading, and two a deck of your cards. We all have our sins that keep (or should) us out of public elections, I know the volumes that are in mine would prevent from running for dog catcher. But the angel cards, what a novel way to address issues or potential issues. That could be quite handy, Take care, and have a great Thanksgiving. — Bill


    • At the risk of being inelegant, I somehow managed to snort coffee up my nose while reading your comment, Bill. True confessions of a sinner. My sin was youth and all the attendant follies of that during the 70s and 80s. And, I didn’t do drugs, so what does that tell you?! Grin.

      Those Angel Cards are nifty. They seem to have added a book, which wasn’t or isn’t the case when I have bought them. If you follow the link, you can order ’em or any metaphysical bookstore in your area will carry ’em. I forgot to add that you always stir them before selecting so the bowl is harmonized to you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hunt, thanks for visiting my blog–once, twice, three times…

    You posted originally right before Thanksgiving at a time when, to borrow a phrase from this post, life was getting away from me. I was several posts behind on Bill’s Living with COPD blog and wasn’t familiar with your name or your connection with him.

    I’ve just read through all your “between you and me posts.” I want to say I enjoyed them (I did) but that seems flippant considering the subject matter so I will say instead that I appreciate them.

    I appreciate your descriptions, your honesty, and your creativity. I appreciate the set of life experiences you bring to this series and to your blog in general. As far as enjoyment is concerned–you have a gift for compelling writing, for telling a story, for phrasing that makes it a pleasure to read your posts. Beyond that, I appreciate the bond you’ve formed with Bill and the support you provide to him.

    I don’t usually “follow” other bloggers, but I am adding you to my reader feed so I’ll see your new posts and comment when I can.


    • Wanda, what a wonderful Christmas gift you have given me. Thank you. As for providing support to Bill, it seems to me he gives far more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am honored you added me to your list. Best ~ HuntMode

      P.S. – I’ll be back to visit your site, four, five, six and more times – I got hit with the thunderstick and have been posting a lot… ๐Ÿ™‚ Always a great feeling until you look up and realize, “Gosh, I wonder what everybody else is doing?” Grin.


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