Food! Glorious Food! Nothing is better!

When I was married, my husband, who was a superb cook, used to tease me that I had 11 recipes that contained the same essential ingredients. I was chagrined to admit he was right and he was the first to admit they all tasted really good.

Asked about temptation along the lines of favorite or irresistible food, my first thought was of food I would prepare.

A little more thought brought forth that if we were speaking of restaurants, that was easy: filet mignon served rare, baked potato with butter and chives. It should have more butter than a human being should ever have and then double it, and a green salad with a combination of Ranch and Italian dressing – tossed for me. This last notation re tossing by the staff is to avoid flying lettuce at my table.

Ideally, all this glorious food would be preceded by an ice cold dirty Stoli martini – shaken, not stired, accompanied by as many olives as you can fit on the toothpick.

You would think a photo of such a simple straight up man and woman pleaser would be easy to locate. You would be wrong. I’ve spent about 40 minutes scanning for just the right photo and it’s not there and now, I am hungry… I found some that came close individually, so here you go:

12 thoughts on “Food! Glorious Food! Nothing is better!

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  3. Hunt, DAMN !! you told me I made you hungry reading about the Feast, but Lord, that steak, the potato float in butter, and that salad with the radishes. What a wonderful meal. As for the drink, I don’t do martini’s, but I do love a bit of Grey Goose, close to freezing in a chilled glass. See it doesn’t always have to be bourbon, I do have a tiny bit of class hidden in all this redneck. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, please take care, Bill


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