Resolutions for 2014…? “wwhhhaaattt?”

Rant forthcoming: What on earth is going on with jumping ahead of life cycle events?! Make resolutions for 2014? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet?! This is just wrong. Life is fast-paced enough that I am not jumping to January 1, 2014. No sir!

Rant ongoing: Anybody out there that is gobsmacked by seeing Halloween decorations for sale in September? Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving?

Now, now, those do-gooders, those nosy-so-and-so’s are starting with: “It’s good to get a jumpstart,” “It’s never too early to ….” – Argh! Fie on you! I am going to enjoy the present, this very day and the last month of 2013.

Besides which, I’m still working on the ones you insisted we list for 2013. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, you turkey y’all! Grin.

10 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2014…? “wwhhhaaattt?”

  1. Yes, I agree. It does seem a little odd and presumptuous to begin the decorating so early. I haven’t pulled out my holiday decor yet. I plan on doing so next week. I think it’s good to plan ahead, but sometimes it makes me feel a little rushed!
    You should have mentioned: isn’t it crazy how early these retailers are opening?!! Kmart is having a sale that lasts until 3 a.m.!! I’m not sure if that means the store stays open until three or the online deals last until three, but it’s still crazy!!


    • Jenn, you’re absolutely right. I am not a shopper, so it’s not even on my radar. I did hear commercials and some uproar about some stores staring at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving and the rest of it. To me, it’s as obscene as Presidents’, Memorial, 4th of July and Labor Day sales.

      Well, we shall keep the Day! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Jenn!


  2. Hunt, I have never been big on making resolutions, to me they seem like a prescription for failure. But back in the day when I made them I always made such lofty ones, I didn’t stand a chance. Now each 01/01 I make a single resolution, and that is to be here for the next 01/01. It has worked out just fine these last few years. Take care and be safe. Bill


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