Struck it rich!

I have unlimited wealth and I can do anything with my new found wealth. As a spiritual person, you might think I’d pay for world peace. Help starving people everywhere. Fund every charity and cause I deeply believe in. You would be wrong.

We’re talking luxury here. The day has come and I can buy the one luxury item I have craved. Easy peasy.

Keep your limos, keep your mini-mansions, super-duper cars, mighty trucks, world class travel and cruises. I would hire a 24 hour masseuse to be on call.

Any time my neck ached or my shoulders cramped from too much time on the computer, I would push a button for my on-call masseuse to come and nurture me. Massaging my head, face, ears (really feels good!), my necks, shoulders, back ~ especially that mouse knot that forms behind the shoulder bladees ~ all the way down to my feet. Ah, feels so good!

Scenery helps, of course, but frankly, I’ll take the massage.

8 thoughts on “Struck it rich!

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  2. Hunt, I have never had a massage, I have had very few good rubs even, LOL, I am so deprived. But the idea of a super RV, to travel around the country would tickle me to no end. Knowing I didn’t have to stop, knowing I didn’t have to come back, that I could visit anyplace I wanted and to stay as long as I desired. That would be a dream come true, but given your post is about what you wanted ( a massage), I would honor that by having a professional available whenever I stopped to rub the kinks out of me from the long day of driving. Smiling I could almost write a post about what I would do the an butt ugly amount of wealth. LOL LOL, take care Bill


    • Bill, my brother bought an RV and he would not trust it for real traveling because of its age…. not to mention the cost of gas! However, he lives in San Diego at one of the most gorgeous sites in the world. I’ve had a chance to visit him and it got me to thinking that it is a wonderful way to live. The community is very similar to boat owners and marinas. They look out for one another and are just a joy to be around. Grin. Here’s the website:


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