Need to Take Five?

Seems there’s lots of activity and craziness today between the news, shopping, tree choosing and trimming, here’s a couple of pieces to help you unwind.

You know, there are 1,440 minutes in a day, which makes for 288 five minute periods. Kick your shoes off, relax, take five for you:

How about some breathtaking scenery:

This one kicked off today’s post:

Courtesy h/t from Kendall of Notes from a Southern Kitchen.

For you hobbits, Gandolfs, elves and wizards, they say this is their most popular. Mind, it’s gorgeous and will get your blood spinning:

Missing your awe? The sheer joy and passion of these guys! Look at their faces! Still one of my favorites:

Weather got you blue or frazzled:

And, here’s how they play once they’ve got the tree up, the train track laid. Yeah, I do this. In my dreams:

Feeling better?

I am in love with these guys. Sure, I could have just given you their page and said go…. Grin.

Want to return:

11 thoughts on “Need to Take Five?

  1. I love this. Everything about it. My favorite is “A Thousand Years.” I’ve heard it before – mom likes it a lot – but never with just instruments like that. A new favorite!!! Thanks for sharing!


    • I wrote in some earlier post how “symphonic” works first made me antsy as a kid and then somulent as an adult – season concert tickets had me falling asleep earlier and earlier until just by tuning, they knocked me out cold. Not so with these guys! I’m hoping people won’t see the instruments and walk away. What they would be missing out on!


  2. Hunt, I caught the Piano guys on a PBS special and really loved them. I recorded the event and later showed to my wife who has fallen head over heels for them. Who would’ve thought I would go for them. Take care, Bill


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