Sleep Well….

I was reading Wiley’s Wisdom and they have finished baby preparation and are now in the wait phase. Baby Schmidtt decided to turn sideways and kick his/her mother’s ribs… for at least a week now. Ouch…

So, in reading Wyle’s words, I remembered this one song by Sophie B. Hawkins. Always before, the prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” struck me as ominous in the “if I die before I wake” section.

One night driving down a dark stretch of road with only my headlights revealing the ribbon of highway, I heard this and it changed my view entirely.

Please include the Schmidts in your prayers for the baby to get off his/her mother’s ribs and for a safe and healthy delivery.

9 thoughts on “Sleep Well….

  1. I forgot to remember to listen to Sophie B. Hawkins! Thanks for sharing her song. Takes me back. It’s so cool that you often bring up subjects and interests and music that draw me in. Nice to find that connection.


  2. Hunt, I was in church this morning, It was my wife’s turn to help get communion ready for both services, so I was enlisted to fill the wine cups for the church goers. This is a task I have now done several times it is completely set in my head my role. But while I was there, I spend a considerable amount of time praying for all those folks that have prayed for me, and for several other folks. I do hope the general prayer I included covers Schmidts, but being on the safe side I will pray specifically for them today. Take care, Bill


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