Friends return

I was off the grid today. A friend I hadn’t truly seen face to face or spoken with in close to 30 years made a special drive up to see me from Oregon. We spent the day talking non-stop, as though no time had elapsed and we were just catching up on news that covered the intervening 30 years. We went to dinner, her treat, and continued non-stop, as only women can do, I think. Skipping like pebbles in a brook from subject to subject, each interrupting the other, then regaining the original subject matter to start the stone skipping again.

She is staying overnight at a hotel and we’ll meet for breakfast before she begins the drive back home to Oregon, depending on how bad the weather gets.

It is hard to express both the relief to pick up as though there had never been an interruption and yet be kind and gentle with one another. Lovely.

9 thoughts on “Friends return

  1. Hunt, You are blessed to have such a friend, the year apart not impacting the joy, the moments of silence coming only so you can catch your breath. I am so glad you enjoyed the day, and I know breakfast will be a hoot, followed by tears of joy as she departs. Please take care, Bill


    • Dear J, I was excellent at picking friends in my childhood and teens – I believe I can count 4 from that time period that I am still friends with – no matter how many years go by. This friend was exceptional in just how much time had gone by….


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