My Vet is on the news – watch the cold for your pets

My very own vet, Dr. Jocelyn Liu, was on our local TV station advising about the dangers of the cold for you and your pets – here she is – about at the 2:00 minute mark:

“Dogs and cats can get frostbite just like people, so it is good to make sure ideally they’re not out there very long, and if they are out there, they can wear clothing, but we also need to be concerned about the de-icer on the streets and make sure we’re cleaning off their feet after they come back inside,” veterinarian Jocelyn Liu said.

This is the same Dr. Liu who has taken such fabulous care of Doven, “The Miracle Dog” and Claire and Dyssa and Ella & Elby, That Cat!

8 thoughts on “My Vet is on the news – watch the cold for your pets

  1. Hunt, I never really thought of that, For whatever reason I have always thought that our pets natural layers protected them. That last minute was very informative. Thanks, Bill — ps if the pets had any sense they would also retire to Florida. LOL — just kidding


    • Made me laugh! I was an idiot when I moved from sunny California to here – and it is nothing compared to the Dakotas. But, as you’ve read, a complete ninny re acclimating to the weather here, not to mention the driving…


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