Life Cycle Events and an Evening’s Plans

Judiasm speaks of Life Cycle Events that come about because we all experience them or through the use of traditions mark certain occasions through the year. I’ve always been a traditionalist, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They appeal to all my senses and warm the cockles of my little heart.

Last year, with the launch of my blog, I wrote ‘Tis the Season and I mentioned I had attended the annual Mormon Creche and Concert event:

The following Saturday I attended the local Mormon Church’s annual Christmas Nativity and Concert weekend. It was quite simply, wonderful. It was both lovely and transformative. To see their church ablaze with lights and decorations That giant room filled with individual nativity scenes from all over the world and made from every kind of material from cloth to stone to an African nut and from miniature to Triptychs. It was glorious, peaceful, affirming of the season and of Christ Himself and family, traditions. The room with wall to wall Christmas trees lit up with lights. The concert that followed was lovely and joyful. The city of my birth reversed its 30 year tradition of displaying nativity scenes in the public square – wouldn’t want to offend someone’s sensitivities. I stood in the room filled with manger scenes reflecting the ethnicity of whichever country it was from and I thought, “How could anyone be offended by this?”

I am going again this year with my good friend, Maureen, an Irish Catholic, who so often comes and comments here. She more than anyone else has opened up this little town I live in and helped me discover the community I am a part of. We’re meeting at Subway for sandwiches and then onto the evening’s festivities. It is possible that this takes place in other towns and states. If so, I highly recommend it. It is a feast for the season, the senses and the soul.

10 thoughts on “Life Cycle Events and an Evening’s Plans

  1. My family attended the Nativity Scene in our town last year. I took photos of it. I need to find it. We’re not Mormon; we’re UU, but it was a very fantastic event. I really enjoyed it. My son also played his drums for one of their concerts during the event. I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!


  2. Such a beautiful display of the Christmas story in that room full of tiny, middle-sized and grand Manger scenes! And the lovely families who donated them for the sharing with our whole community are to be commended! Spend a leisurely hour feasting at this heavenly array and you will leave the room buoyant with Christmas Spirit.


  3. Hunt, that sounds like a wonderful advent and a couple of fun filled weekends. As we get closer to Christmas, I do neighborhood drive bys to check out the lights on peoples homes. When the kid lived at home (or when her and her family visit during Christmas) we go out in mass. Maybe it’s time to explore beyond the neighborhoods. Take care, BIll


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