“This is Water”

A woman I admire, Katrina Assay, a former Mayor and State Representative here in the State of Washington, posted this on her FaceBook page. I watched it because I trust her and admire her. If you haven’t seen this yet, worth checking out. It’s about awareness, growing up, choice, and it is full of wisdom and light. Plus, it appears to have been part of a TED talk Commencement speech:

Full credits within the video itself. Katrina Assay was just passing it forward. Thanks, Katrina!

8 thoughts on ““This is Water”

  1. Hunt, what a wonderful video, soft smile, I know a couple folks (one in particular) that should sit thru this until a little humanity and patience sets in. In the car by myself, this video should be running in the back of my head. But in a checkout line I have the patience of a saint. A soft smile for those around me, and an understand that everything isn’t all right, all the time. I will come back to this one from time to time just for a refresher course. Thank you, take care, Bill


    • It made me think of our email conversation re your custom of buying the 2 for 1 dessert treats and giving it to the breakroom in the market, so the employees could have a treat. See! You are a positive influence for GOOD, Bill. Grin.


  2. Fantastic video…I have to bookmark this…going to share this with my hubby tonight…Thank you!!!! In the comments below, I see how you bought two goodies and shared one with the break room staff…You are a beautiful person…I pray you hear that often!!!! Hugs


    • Oops…WP doesn’t let you edit comments you’ve made…Bill was the dessert hero…What a kind soul to do so…So, thank you for introducing me to Bill…following him now…Hope your evening is wonderful…again, a wonderful video!!!!


      • Hi! So glad to see you here. I’ll share a secret with you…. I almost always fix a busy person’s or dog’s comment if I see something they meant to say messed up by thick fingers or ticklishish paws…

        In this case, I so liked your two comments, and you caught it, you clever dog!, so I’m leaving the joy in. That Bill Hamilton is an amazing man and he gets even better with each day of knowing him. Grin.


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