Keeping A Good Mental / Emotional Attitude

Well, hello. I was emailing with a friend of mine and we got to talking about attitude, as you do… right? Right.

Somewhere in that discussion he said something to the effect, “There are just some days I can’t keep a good attitude and those are hard days…” which brings me to my point:

When you determined that from here on out you are going to focus on the positive vs. the negative in your life, this is a positive thing. A well and good thing, in fact.

Here’s the real truth: it takes practice. There is no good fairy going, “Twang! From now on, you shall be positive in outlook and feeling!”

You build positive muscles. And there will be plenty of people around to tell you you’re off your rocker, you’re “Wu-Wuing” as they say here in the great State of Washington…

Let me repeat: Being positive takes practice and then a form of alertness that comes in the form of hearing how you are speaking to yourself. You know exactly what I’m talking about here. The things you say to yourself that you would never ever say to another human being.

When you catch yourself doing that, STOP and take that mean thought and those mean words and turn ’em around into a positive statement – an affirmation, if you will. Think of it as the most powerful eraser in the world, washing your stored up recordings away from your inner chalkboard, if you like.

Remember these:

Well, you may need this many:

to get this result:

Being positive is similar to finding food that you love. You will find your days brightening and lightening. Now, here’s the trap: You are still going to have bad days, some dark nights. That’s what the muscles are for, y’see.

Re some days you just can’t – oh yes, that is a pitfall that comes up in pursuing a spiritual path – “I was so good, why didn’t it work…?” People really break down on themselves – myself included.

But here’s the key – the practice of keeping a good mental/emotional attitude means the lows don’t last as long as they did, BUT you feel them more than the old days because you now KNOW the difference… the old weight of those past days has been left behind and when they resurface, they feel so much harder than it used to. Refer back to the good news aspect – they don’t last like they used to.

Love HuntMode – daring to write so authoritatively based on 30 years positive training… laughter.

13 thoughts on “Keeping A Good Mental / Emotional Attitude

  1. Great post and LOVED that you included that “bad” days will happen and it’s alright to feel “down” because the thing is we become aware of it and we know that it will pass!


    • Thanks, Shree. The thing that is so distressing when the bad days hit, it FEELS so much worse and that is the one thing they forget to tell you (shaking my head).

      Grin to you, Shree.


  2. Warning – I warmed up below – everybody, feel free to pass on this – grin:

    It is like walking around with a stuffy nose and suddenly the cold is gone and you can BREATHE again, you can taste food again, life feels so good. Then, sooner or later, you’re sneezing six times in a row, your poor nose is running or stuffed or worse, both! It feels much worse because you’ve been breathing through your nose, see? Laughter – something like that. Grin. Personally, I highly recommend Breathe Right strips! and in the case of a bad day, write it out and put on some music that always makes you feel good. Go do a good deed – doesn’t have to be crazy – listen to someone, take a moment to really see them. Easy to do – even if you have to force yourself.


  3. Hunt, damn girl I thought were talking to me. There are real times when I have to work to be positive, and your right it does take practice, and there is a lot of trial and error in it as well. Thru any process we always look for ways to make the process easier. But sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t make the process easier. Those are the times, when you break out the eraser, the clauk, the land of nod, and hope the positive fairy does smack you up side the head. Smiling, doesn’t take that many smacks before the lessons find their proper place in your head. Take care and have a great day. Bill


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