Best heat, ever!

I did it. I finally assembled the portable kerosene heater I bought back in 2012 for those five day periods when the light and heat go out here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and my apartment goes dark, dreary, and damn cold.

Someone on Richard Fernandez’ Belmont Club recommended this heater in passing back in late 2011 or early 2012. I did some research and it measured up to what the gentleman on the Belmont Club had said. I bought it.

It sat neatly tucked under my dining room table until yesterday. Naturally, since I bought it, not one day, much less five, without heat and light. Thank you, God. Elby, That Cat! used it as a launching pad for getting up and down from the dining room table.

But, a friend called on Sunday to report her lights and gas were off. It was 18 degrees – no snow, just very, very cold. And that spurred me to get my butt in gear and not wait until the lights were out and the power, heat, and all that makes life easy turned off in a heartbeat with anyone’s guess as to when it would come back on.

That little beauty is the Dura Heat 23,000 BTU Kerosene Portable Heater. Here are the specs. It cost $139.00 and I bought 5 gallons of K-1 Kerosene, which is currently advertised for $43.00, and extra C Batteries.

The same friend whose lights and heat had gone off was now interested in that never happening again. She came over to help me put it together, which was quite easy, especially with two of us. We took it outside to fill it up. It started up immediately and within seconds was radiating glorious heat. At the time it was 25 degrees outside. Brought it inside and put it on the brick in front of my fireplace, figuring it was safest there. It is advertised for 1,000 square feet. The fuel tank capacity is 1.9 gallons and we filled it just shy of the full mark. I ran it for at least three hours and the gauge showed we’d used 1/3 to shy of 1/2.

Verdict: It was the warmest, most pleasant heat I’ve had in over 10 years. The one in the apartment is just plain silly. Positioned in an odd place and all the nooks and crannies blow cold air, especially around your feet. Not when this baby is on. Softly toasty. I am now busy figuring out which is more cost effective because I want that heater on all the time.

I am a happy, very happy owner of the Dura Heat 23,000 BTU Kerosene Portable Heater. (Note: no payment received for this endorsement, no stock owned.)

8 thoughts on “Best heat, ever!

  1. Hunt, I am sure the farmers in nearby Plant City FL have hundreds of these sitting in the strawberry fields for those nights when it does dip below 32 here. As for myself, I put a pair of socks on and I am good to go.

    In 2004, we had hurricane after hurricane pass north or south of us for almost 5 weeks it seems. Later that year I had hurricane shutters installed on the house. Haven’t seen even a far miss since, great insurance.

    When it became apparent that I was going to be on oxygen 24/7 and needed electricity for my concentrator, we had a whole house generator installed. We haven’t had a loss of electricity since. Still great insurance. Hopefully your insurance policy stays as inexpensive as your great Dura Heat 23,000 space heater.

    Take care, BIll


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