I just wanna see you be brave.

Have you ever watched a commercial and gotten caught by the song, not the product? Microsoft did it to me. It’s one line and the voice would go up at just such a moment at just such a note… and I could not figure out what she was saying. I liked my version of it, but I knew it was wrong. Drove me nuts. Tracked down the song – there were people before me who had, apparently, the same blinking, maddening urge…

Here’s the commercial (you are welcome, Microsoft) – the song comes at the end:


Did you get what she was saying? Right at the end?

Once I had the commercial, I had the song. Mind, it doesn’t do that much for me – I liked that one line and how she sings it. Sara Bareilles’ Brave, BUT the actual lyrics turned out to be stellar.

WARNING: This may be a chick thing, guys….

19 thoughts on “I just wanna see you be brave.

  1. Hunt, Sure it’s a chick thing, but it allows me to take credit for doing a chick thing (it’s only the 23rd for the year) this month. But in reality I don’t mind a occasional chick thing, be it a movie, a song, or an evening. Chick things do the heart well. Take care, Bill


    • I accept! πŸ™‚ So glad you like it / them. Isn’t it funny how one line can catch your attention? I drove the Adidas people crazy for a month tracking down one of their songs. Glorious!


  2. It seems like whoever designed the campaign didn’t even think about what the song says or even what that one line “I want to see you be brave” even means outside of the context of the song. It was like they just liked the instrumental and had thrown it in as temp music when they were creating the commercial, and then later decided they actually liked the tune so they’d use it anyways. You know if they’d just kept the instrumental it could have worked, but the lyrics at the end just seem so weird and out of place. I love that song so much but I absolutely hate seeing it being used in the Microsoft commercials. The song itself has such an empowering message and I used to get such a wonderful visceral feeling whenever I heard it. It’s such a great empowering song. But now I get an even more visceral feeling at the end of those ads: a giant cringe and then a little part of me dies. Now as soon as I see one of those ads start, I mute the sound so it won’t spoil the song for me even more.


    • I think that happens a lot, TSINT. I tracked down a song used in an Adidas commercial and it was wholly different than what was portrayed in the commercial. Still, it made me aware of a song I would have missed.


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