Santa – Ya Gotta Believe!

Diana Noble-Gulliford, our former City Council Member, posted this on her Facebook, saying “You need to watch this. Giving is a gift.” and I stole it:

And that is just one of the reasons I voted for Diana! Grin.

12 thoughts on “Santa – Ya Gotta Believe!

  1. Hunt, From time to time at this time of year, little children sometimes mistake me for Santa, and I love it, and I foster that belief. I am nothing but a big old softie. Thank you so much for sharing this Video. Take care, Bill

    PS — I am reblogging this.


    • Now, I am really being thick…. I had the pleasure to go over and really look at your site and catch up. Cough, ahem, I’ve checked the sidebar twice and thrice, not a clue to the name – oh, the Noble part?! … your name on my email notices just popped into my head – I get it! 🙂


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