Acts of Kindness ~ Thank you!

I came home today, having rushed out of the house for an appointment, and fired up the old computer to see what had happened since I went to sleep at 1:00 a.m. … Ordinarily, every evening I check certain sites because I know the writers post late. Somehow ….(hear those Angel wings softly beating?) I missed Wiley’s Wisdom‘s post of yesterday. Here’s the thing, Wiley wrote of blue ribbons and how each of us makes a difference ~

At the bottom, Wiley added: “This post is dedicated to my friend Huntie over at Chasing Rabbit Holes. Please consider stopping by to say hi!

To say I was rendered speechless and then that my heart cracked wide open with JOY FROM THE BOTTOM UP!!!!!!! isn’t enough. I had to simply stop and breathe in what a gift of appreciation Wiley had given me. I had no idea when I awoke this morning that by the afternoon, I would be soaring. Thank you, Wyles.

He does not ask that I do this, but the ribbon itself is to be passed forward. So, here we go:

My first ribbon I pass to Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD (and grandfather stories). I believe it is less than a month since I found Bill through the good offices of Paulette Mahurin, author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, who blogs here. Bill started his blog to get the word out regarding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is ranked the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. What I love about Bill’s blog is he talks about the stuff most people glissade over because it’s not a dainty dis-ease, it is a sneaky, steadfast adversary that hits emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Bill’s honesty, integrity and generosity in reaching out to all who are interested is worthy of three blue ribbons (his second and third ones are for reading my blog from the very beginning and leaving upbeat comments on just about every post!). Here you go, Bill:

My next ribbon I pass to my friends:

Maureen in Las Vegas, Nevada. She does not have a blog. Maureen has taught me, especially over the last four years or more, the true nature of giving, she does it often anonymously and seemingly out of a bottomless heart of helping big causes and even in bad weather, throwing her home open to stranded passengers…. You know how I love you, Maureeni.

I am blessed with two Maureens. To Maureen in the State of Washington, who gives unstintingly of her time and energy to her community in ways I can only stand by in admiration and say, “Well done, Maureen B.”

To my friend, Lynn, for so many reasons, but right at the top would be what an exemplary parent she is.

To my two friends who are farmers and have just started a blog, Path to the Frontier. Your sheer guts and creative solutions never fail to inspire awe in me.

And, to Anna, for (let’s spell it out, shall we?) forty-four years of friendship.

To these friends: May your kindnesses return ten fold. In the meantime, here’s yours:

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Chasing Rabbit Holes and that will get its own post (naturally!). However, because of YOU, we were not left to wonder if a blog speaks out into the wilderness, will anybody hear us? Because of YOU, readers past, present and future, I can say with joy and actual statistics, that we have been heard around the world. Here’s your blue ribbon: You have indeed made a difference in my world.

Thank you, Wiley.

25 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness ~ Thank you!

  1. Congratulations, Huntie! – that is indeed an honour, to be so … ahh … validated! Keep it up and you’ll win all the blog awards that exist.


  2. ??? I see you on a multiple basis, daily. Don’t always comment – and especially because of being a horrible atheist (sorry!). But your blog is delightful, and kind, and thoughtful; you can bask in the thought of LOTS and LOTS of your followers seeing you.


    • M.R., I break people into two groups – the good guys and the bad guys ~ near as I can tell, there is not even a scintilla of “horridness” in you! You’re one of my good guys. 🙂 Thank you. Best ~ HuntMode


  3. You deserve your blue ribbon from Wiley, and it’s always a pleasure to read your posts.
    You bring a positive spirit to the worlds that you touch, and for that, I thank you.


    • Dear Maggie, and you, with your deft touch with the lost and shy greyhounds turn even the shyest into relaxed loving companions. Thank you. HuntMode, Ella, the Greythound and Elby, That Cat!


  4. Hunt, To say I was floored by such a wonderful blue ribbon is one of the biggest understatements I can make. I have read and reread your post, and smiled each time. Thank you for the shout out about my blog, if thru your shout out, it reaches one person, it is successful beyond words. I will continue to pound away, and maybe like that room full of monkeys I will create my own Hamlet. Thank you again. Please take care, Bill


    • It was easy, Bill. You have made a difference in my life. COPD is a self-inducing lonely disease. Your efforts to let the light in have eased my heart and my fears. Thank you. Best ~ HuntMode


  5. Hunt, I can’t thank you enough, I really can’t, but I can write about you, so I did. I truly appreciate the shout out, if one person sees it and comes to my or your blog and finds our writings on the subject maybe they will be helped a tiny bit, and that is the goal to help as many as possible. You are a sweet and classy lady. Thanks again for the shout out. Take care, Bill

    Note: You can find Bill’s post right here:

    Editor’s privilege! Grin. HuntMode


        • Dear Shree, while we have only met just recently and through the good offices of Rarasaur and your wonderful guest post there, I have come to appreciate you and your loving willingness to go where others might hesitate. Here is your Blue Ribbon, Sharee.

          (Well, doggoneit, I cannot get the image to show and only the link.!)

          I hope you take pleasure and pride in this as it is most sincerely gifted. Best ~ HuntMode


          • Dear HuntMode,

            Thank you for the blue-ribbon! I just realised while re reading your comment that we really haven’t been blog buddies for long…have we? That’s one thing which has always amazed me…for some reason some relationships…and I feel more so in bloggyland (hmmm…I’m thinking this bloggy usage business is all Rara’s doing….but then she is quite the influential dinosaur)…so anyways, like I was prattling about bloggy friends…that for some reason the voice / words / feeling that a person’s post emanates and also the way they interact on the comment sections…I think it causes a “click”…and it’s like..Wow! I like you! I really like you! And I think we may get along quite well if we meet!…well..I just think it’s awesome that I’ve actually got bloggy friends..and you’re one of them too even though that was pretty “fast” 😛


  6. Some friends come in soul families, Shree. Good to see you – took you long enough! Grin – though, of course, you had to be born and that might account for the delay! 🙂 Wear your blue ribbon with pride and joy – you DO make a difference!


  7. Hey! I missed this delightful kudo in my “thou shalt read” messages! You make me run out of adjectives for describing good people. Thanks for the appreciation, the good Lord knows how I truly admire you too.


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