Are You a Flatbed Mama or a Big Butt Woman?

Before you rise up and take my head off – a quick recollection on strategy gone so wrong…

When I moved from Los Angeles, California to the Pacific Northwest, specifically, the great green State of Washington, I had many reasons for the move… I must admit that while I did not move for the sake of a mate or even for meeting one, it did cross my mind, while sitting in a bar that I was 5’2, on a good day I weighed 94 lbs dripping wet and in sunlight. I looked around the environment, eying the competition and thinking, “Oh, I have landed well. This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, indeed, The Eagle Has Landed!”

After just a few weeks, I was back in that bar and to my horror, realized I had made a serious strategic error. Whether it is is due to the soil, the rain, the towering evergreen trees, I dunno…but this is a state that loves big, healthy, healthy women. No question about it. I am a Flatbed Mama. I went home and, in nostalgia, played the Beach Boys’ California Girls…

19 thoughts on “Are You a Flatbed Mama or a Big Butt Woman?

  1. I think I’m in between flat bed and big butt..I got a big butt, am round…but my butt isn’t as round as the rest of my roundness…it’s been flattened by all the sitting I do…ahahahaha.


  2. Hunt, This is a hell of a time for a guy to be weighing in on this particular subject. For me the simpliest answer is I like women period, and it really makes little difference to me if it’s a flatbed or big butt, as long as she is intelligent, her under the skin isn’t ugly, and I can baffle her with my BS I’m fine. The truth is that it really doesn’t matter. I like intelligent strong willed women. I think I best stop before I dig a hole I can’t get out of. Take care, Bill


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  8. Maybe I would find a man worth having there in your neck of the woods P 😉
    I’m not quite as big as Candy Kane, but I’m not as tiny as you are either – kind of in between 🙂


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