Winter Moon and Halleluia Chorus!!!

Kanzen Sakura shared how she walked outside and belted out her version of this. The image of a self-admitted Southern Woman singing at the top of her lungs under a full moon utterly entranced me. Enoy!

kanzen sakura

Andre Rieu is one of my favorite conductors. He conducts with such joy and passion! Tonight as I was gazing at the winter moon – so huge and luminous in the black sky, I thought back to that night in Bethlehem, long ago – and then I thought back even farther to that incredible prophecy of the Messiah to come. I could not stop myself – I stood on my back steps, flung out my arms and sang this.

The clip of Andre Rieu conducting and the chorus is much better. His words at the beginning are like a prayer for all of us – hope and joy to all. Since I’m only 4″10′, you can’t see me – but I am over behind the harpist doing cartwheels in pure joy at this music.. It never ceases to bring me to my feet with a feeling that I can well and…

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8 thoughts on “Winter Moon and Halleluia Chorus!!!

    • It was lovely, wasn’t it? I was conducting right along with Andre! My favorite though was the image of Kanzen coming out her door and singing at the top of her lungs from pure joy.

      P.S. I hope you take the time to read Kanzen’s About page – and the comments – I went back today and realized quickly I had not yet had enough coffee to do her justice. I am going back. Tickled pink I found her.


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