Worried re Your First Turkey Ever?

Around the eve of Thanksgiving, I took pity on those who were making their first turkey and wrote out our family recipe in a step-by-step-cannot-fail post.  On reflection, my one failure was timing, not giving you enough time.  So, here is the the link to that post for anyone worried about cooking their first turkey.  Grin.

25 thoughts on “Worried re Your First Turkey Ever?

  1. Hunt, I doubt if I will ever need your recipe because cooking a turkey isn’t even on my bucket list. But if that picture reflects the outcome of your recipe, I will have sit down at that table. That looks fantastic. Take care, Bill


  2. Hm – it’s NOT just the first time we cook it that we are worried – we get worried every year, we ask every year “how’s the Turkey” as we gather at the table… So – what is it about turkeys that turns us into turkeys at Christmas or Thanksgiving! 😀 Nice recipe by the way! Have the happiest Christmas with the best ever turkey! Have the happiest ever New Year! xx


  3. Someone we know has the perfect three-step recipe:

    1 Fatten up turkey by rearing from from a chick.
    2 Bond with said turkey so that it becomes a household pet.
    3 Serve chicken for Christmas..

    Their turkey, Woo, finally died of extreme old age.


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  5. I cooked my first turkey when I was 8. Everyone but me was sick with flu. So I lugged that monster out of the fridge, wrestled into the cooking table, got a footstool and went to work. I channeled my Ninny and Papa. After heaving it into sink, giving it a good rinsing and pulling out the
    dreaded “gibbles”, I hen proceeded to cook. it was not perfect, but it was juicy and go.lden and everyone was too sick to enjoy it that day. I was also given “the talk”. Littlelove, clean up as you go. And I do. nBTW, I told Seeker to pitch the thing and feel no guilt.


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