The Meaning of Wishmas

I read this yesterday and I find it continues to linger on in my mind. I want to share it with you and see if it has the same effect. It’s lovely. Best ~ HuntMode

Inspiration Import

Today, I would like to share a Christmas story with a twist. I have written four books that are not run-away best sellers. Surprise! This is the text from my illustrated children’s book ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A WISHMAS TREE. I decided to publish it here so that it will be read as was the intention behind writing it!

Feel free to share, print, distribute with mention of me as the author and the ability to order the book through Amazon (click through the illustration) and other online retailers. Thanks!



Myriam just loved Christmas time. From the beginning of December when all the kids in her class started making their lists of what they wanted for Christmas, all Myriam could think about was what Christmas looked like. The colours, lights and decorations excited her and made her feel light and happy.

This time of year meant that…

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