Winter Solstice Eve 2013

Yes, I am posting a lot today, but I could not let this day pass without acknowledgement of Winter Solstice Eve.

I knew I’d written about it last year here, and read it again with some bemusement at the changes wrought since then.

Tonight’s celebration almost got away from me. Whoa, Nellie! Slow down, HuntMode, have a cup of eggnog, look around you at the twinkling lights, feel the warmth, hear the howling wind in the boughs outside. It’s been dark for an hour here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest…

Tonight is my set-aside-for-dreaming night. I declare it to be magical and so it is for me. For you? May it be so, may you pause and wish upon a star or a passing jet or satellite. May we all be here next year wishing good wishes for one another.

So, I shot off to bring back a vague memory of a film with Jason Robards having something to do with Dream a Little Dream of Me and went chasing down a rabbit hole of a hunt… Who knew there were so many choices… My memory is of Jason Robards singing the song, but alas, can’t find that one, so I bring this one to you because… this is what I’ll be doing tonight, dancing in my living room, laughing at my reflection in the patio sliding glass door window and, above all, sending my dreams forward in time to meet me there…

13 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Eve 2013

  1. Time for another session of Singing to the Moon. I think my song tonight will be, oddly enough, Putting’ on the Ritz. After all, it is winter solstice eve and a time for remembering the smells of the neighborhood of my youth – sweet cold night air tinged with smoke from wood fires and late night pies baking for the weekend.


  2. Sigh…I knew it was Winter Solstice on the 21st but completely forgot there would be an eve…hahaha. Hmm..I wonder if that is why I was feeling quite crappy and weird…and ahem….constipated..
    Glad to say that that little problem got resolved as I gulped down some laxative and feeling quite light 😀 hahaha

    Hope you had a wonderful Solstice eve and that you have a GREAT winter Solstice! 🙂


  3. This was sort of me and my dude’s theme song – would end conversations and such with – “Dream a little dream of me”
    I’m more partial to Old Satchmo and Mama Cass’s version of this one, but it’s always a beautiful tune – thanks for the memories P.


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