Just so you know…

I have plans to spend the day baking cookies with my good friend, Lynn. I think this might be our third year. She is wondrous in the kitchen at all times, but she has these cookies we make…. they are German and I always call ’em the “10 syllable German named cookies” and they are divine. They are so divine and so much work that I only share, and hardpressed at that, with special people one favorite neighbor of mine, who has since moved out of state, so they are all MINE!

I plan to be back online on Sunday even though you are all quite addictive to my system. Cheers!

Here they are. Zimtsterene or Zimsterne cookies:

Something funky about that light. A smaller, but more accurate picture:

43 thoughts on “Just so you know…

    • OH, J, they truly are divine. My neighbor was talking the first time I gave him one of the cookies and he stopped in mid-bite, chewed for a few seconds and said – “Wow, what are these?” So, he got another one. Grin.


  1. What a pretty cookie! If you want share your goodies, will you share the recipe? I hope your day was super. It is the best part of the holidays to take time to do these special things with those we love.


    • As soon as I have it, Kanzen, I will share. We made about five different types of cookies – and found a new favorite as well. I call ’em MIMC – melt in your mouth cookies. OH my word! Came home with eight different styles of cookies ~ Yum!


      • Yum indeed. I’m thinking some of these cookies with a hot mug of tea is what I need to keep me company on some of my backstep sojourns. It seems you had a fine time. these times are so precious.


        • You are exactly right, Kanzen! My friend is elbow deep making zukini (sp?) bread and pumpkin bread and lemon square bars…. as soon as she surfaces, I shall ask for the recipes. To your back porch sojourns in the moonlight!


  2. Hunt, I will echo many a previous comment, that is sure one pretty cookie, almost to good looking to eat. But I would make an exception. I hope you have a pleasant baking day. Take care, Bill


      • Yep, the spunge or madeira cake that lines the bottom of dish must be at least 2 days old πŸ˜€ then comes jam, them home made vanilla custard then comes layer of strawberries and blueberries then strawberry jelly (to set fairly before placed on top of fruit layer so it doesn’t leak into custard layer) then layer of whipped cream sprinkled with grated or flaked chocolate – and that is the three day affair in making MY version of old English trifle – yummy


  3. So, the recipe above is the right one for the Zimsterne cookies. Please keep in mind that you will need to add extra ground almonds and powdered sugar to get the right thick consistency. The way the recipe reads the dough is too soft and sticky to work well.

    I’ll try to get huntmode the MIMC recipe soon. It’s at home and unfortunately, I am not. πŸ™‚ Cheers everyone!


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