Christmas Tree ~ 2013

It’s that time. It’s December 22, 2013 and it is now or never. All of you people who put your trees up the day after Thanksgiving boggle my mind. I suppose if I was really on fire, I might get it up by December 15, but that’s rare. I do leave it up until about January 15, whereas all you (astounding?, weird? efficient? weird?) people have your trees down and ready for recycle no later than January 3 or so.

There is one memorable Christmas tree story I have and I broke every rule of blogging when I wrote it. I’d only been blogging for about eight days. Truly, I didn’t know any better. The word count is 3,169. Four brave souls clicked Like and one wonderful man commented almost a year after the posting… Mind, I think it is a fun, fabulous story, but today I might have broken it into smaller posts (or perhaps smaller paragraphs!).

I could, of course, go back and fix it, but I love that story. I won Toastmaster awards for telling the story of my first Christmas in the Pacific Northwest.

Here is my story if I’ve wet your curiosity….

7 thoughts on “Christmas Tree ~ 2013

  1. Hunt, just so you know, we put our Christmas tree up on Thursday, and it will go back into it’s box no later than the 6th. Being honest we have 2 trees one is a 7 footer than goes up if the kids are here and willing to do it (generally around Thanksgiving) and a smaller 4 foot tree that is decorated 90pct with White House Ornaments. This year only the White House tree is up. BTW I loved your post. Take care, Merry Christmas — Bill


  2. Well, when it comes to taking my tree down it’s always on 6th January – the Feast of The Three Kings 😀 Jesus is born, gifts are presented and we move onto another year full of hopes and plans. Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!


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