Dreams of Sugar Plums – Errouph ~ Acts of Food Love

Yesterday, I posted a note that I would be off baking cookies and came back to comments that wanted recipes and then Ina Kuvik mentioned one of hers that got me drueling…

Update: You needn’t go to the trouble of the actual recipe – I just love the descriptions: Ina wrote, “Yep, the spunge or madeira cake that lines the bottom of dish must be at least 2 days old ๐Ÿ˜€ then comes jam, them home made vanilla custard then comes layer of strawberries and blueberries then strawberry jelly (to set fairly before placed on top of fruit layer so it doesnโ€™t leak into custard layer) then layer of whipped cream sprinkled with grated or flaked chocolate โ€“ and that is the three day affair in making MY version of old English trifle โ€“ yummy”

So, if you’ve time today, what is your gift of love that you make at Christmas time only – or to be politically correct, this time of the year? For me, I make Sherry Wine Cake and, I think they’re actually called Pralines, it is taking Pecans, dipping them in egg whites, rolling them in brown sugar and cinnamon and baking them in the oven for 45 minutes, turning ’em every 15 minutes…. My nephew could get me to do this every year by looking up a me (no longer, he’s about 6 feet or so now, but can still twist me right around his smallest finger) and asking, “Aunt Huntie, will you make those nuts this year – you know the ones?! Pulease?”

Do you have one of those? Where it is a labor of love and eagerly awaited by somebody somewhere? Maybe that blinkedy-blinkedy Elf even~ I’m off to spend the afternoon-evening with a dear friend of mine and I am late. I’m taking some of my cookies with me. We shall see if she’s up to the challenge of appreciating ’em. Happy 22nd day of Christmas, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Dreams of Sugar Plums – Errouph ~ Acts of Food Love

  1. My granddaughters (six and almost 10) remind me to make our traditional Polish Christmas cookies. They’re not so traditional anymore because I’ve rewritten the recipe but what they enjoy is what I’ve ended up with. ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t baking / cooking supposed to be an adventure?


  2. Hunt, I am not the cook, I am the busboy, and chief dish washer, I don’t have any recipes, but the skills (as stated above) do come in handy in the kitchen. The wife does whip up some great fudge between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s the only time of year she does it, and that recipe comes from her mom, who got it from her mom. So I suspect that recipe is at least 100 years old. That’s the closest I can come to a Holiday recipe (btw I do have a pdf of the recipe in Grandma’s hand writting). Take care, and cook on!!! Merry Christmas — Bill


    • Thanks for joining in, Bill! So, we got Trifle, Polish Christmas cookies (no description….) and Bill’s wife’s three generational fudge… so far, we’re on a sugar high, near the Matterhorn…


  3. Hen-joy the cookies and chat!
    I prepare only one thing – fruit salald – and that doesn’t need a recipe. Except for the tip of starting with straight lemon juice, and soaking the diced bananas and apple in it before adding other fruit.


  4. Well Huntie, it alternates. some years I channel my grandma Ninny and make her fresh orange or her fresh coconut cake. Sometimes my Papa’s pecan praline bread pudding. This year it is the bread pudding. It is a lovely rich thing of stale French bread soaked in a custard of heavy cream, egg yolks, brown and white sugars, lots of vanilla and freshly ground nutmeg. Creamy rich pecan pralines are made and some of them are coarsely chopped and sprinkled on top to bake along with the pudding. Decadent and homey at the same time. Happily consumed while drinking a cup of strong coffee, a glass of cold milk or a shot of good bourbon. Hope you enjoy!!!! I think I will post this in the next couple of days. I’ve already posted the Kentucky Bourbon cake that is always made every year. I think this year, the count will be a dozen for loved ones’ gifts.


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