Silent Night ~ Standing Watch

For two years, I was a duty officer, sometimes called a watch officer. We’re not flashing by you in screaming siren or lights streaming in the darkness alerting you to our presence. We stand watch in operations centers across the city, county, state and country, manning our areas 24/7/365 days a year. When disaster strikes, a fire burns, an avalanche comes, someone goes missing, adult, an Alzheimer’s patient, a boy or girl child, a robbery, a burglary, a thief or rapist in the night, these are the folk that answer your call of distress. It’s rare for someone to realize how protected they are until you need us. I haven’t even mentioned the Red Cross volunteers who are on standby to come when your life turns inside out and upside down or your neighbors who spend hours training as a volunteer for that one moment you might need them. Think of those standing silent watch so that you don’t have to.

Love and honor to those who do ~ HuntMode

23 thoughts on “Silent Night ~ Standing Watch

  1. Hunt, A good friend sent me this via AOL, and I wasn’t smart enough to figure how to link it to my blog. Thanks for figuring it out. It is yet another wonderful Christmas story. Take care, Bill and Merry Christmas


  2. This is a wonderful story for Christmas. Thank you for sharing. Indeed we get so wrapped up in our own plans for this season we forget about all those out there who look out for us and sometimes cannot celebrate with their own family.


  3. We often forget the ones on duty. alas, here where I live we don’t hold officers of the law in such high regard as you folks do that side. How I wish I could look at them and appreciate what they do for me when I’m not able.
    A truly wonderful story P – thanks for sharing.


  4. Well done to you, and all others who serve in these operations centres or do similar tasks to make people safer.
    Bob Walsh tells a truly beautiful tale – and told in very good rhyme, by the way!


    • I did some digging after posting – his website is listed in the film. One of the videos I just watched lists him as a storyteller and poet. He tells his stories in rhyme and there are many of them – some historical, such as the one on the Indy crew or the Navaho Code. I marvel at all poets and musicians as I have no talent in these and console myself that someone must be the appreciative audience!


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