The Importance of Teddy Bears

On Christmas Eve, the Happy Blogger posted about gifting her daughters with Teddy Bears and it brought to mind this story…

I have always loved teddy bears! My sister in law actually became a professional bear maker and designer…

But the best story of Teddy Bears was when I was helping the Red Cross post disaster – there had been a terrible flooding and people were digging out their homes… my job – yes, the very best of jobs! ~ was walking from home to home, stopping to talk to people and see how they were doing. I was to offer the bears to kids, but, in truth, it was the adults who needed the bears.

A mother and daughter were each being very brave for one another and yet they were being crushed by emotion…. I was speaking with one, keeping the corner of my eye on the other, who was blinking back tears and a lip would quiver before being sternly gripped by her teeth. Keeping my eye on one, I “absent-mindedly” passed a bear to the other, asking, “Would you hold this for me, please? My arms are a little full.” The older mother took it as only mothers do and gradually her hands carried that bear to her shoulder and neck, and she buried her face into the bear’s fur and wept. The daughter was caught off guard and tears sprang to her eyes – well, clearly, another bear! They kept them and I have never been so thanked in all my life….

23 thoughts on “The Importance of Teddy Bears

  1. Thank you for sharing that memory with us. It is very true that adults appreciate bears just as much as children do. You handing those bears out will probably be a memory that mother and daughter will never forget.


  2. My daughter has a roomful of stuffed friends, and when another one creeps in she just gives me a huge brown, round-eyed look and says that she is running a home for wayside stuffed animals and they all need love. Well, what can one say to that? What a lovely memory and one that I am sure the recipients will never forget.


    • M.R., as I recall we went with various items to help them clean up and as we stopped to chat, every single person would say, “No, I am good. You ought to go over to so and so’s house, they got hit really hard.” People in a disaster are amazing. You get the best and the worst, but most often the best. 🙂


  3. I have a big floppy bear here in my house. Belonged to my son, but now it’s here. And i can’t tell you how often I’ve hugged that bear close to me when I wanted to howl and rage and scream at the injustices of the world.
    They might be silent, but such a comfort when you’re a tad blue.
    Lovely story P – thanks for sharing.


  4. Hunt, Teddy Bears are extremely important, they do provide protection, warmth, a sense of well being, They have the ability to calm the beast within, they can unruffle feathers. and my granddaughter loves them, and if for no other reason I would love them as well. For Cari some toys come and go, but I believe she still has every teddy bear she has ever gotten. Each has it’s own name, it’s own spot on her bed or nearby shelf. When one of her bears needs attention she brings it to her grandmother. I know the importance of teddy bears, You did good!!! Take care, Bill


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