A Salute to Expectant Fathers…

I was visiting my friend, Wiley, who is in daily expectation of a new baby due – kid is in the down position, weighs something in the range of nine (9!) lbs., and both Wiley’s fur-ever parents are squeaky with anticipation and nerves. Do we know the sex of the new infant terrible – (just kidding, Wyles, no biting!) – No, we do not. And, yet, Wyles slipped and referred to this new baby as a “he.” Oh yes, he did. And, I thought to myself, “Dear Wyles, what if he is a she?”

So, of course, I thought instantly of Frank Sinatra’s famous rendition of “Sollioquy.” Right… You have heard this, yes? This is the penultimate Expectant Father song – I am convinced my husband proposed to me because I played this for him when we were discussing children… This is dedicated to every expectant father and grandfather on this planet. Thank you, Gentlemen. With that set up, (huge grin), here ya go:

16 thoughts on “A Salute to Expectant Fathers…

  1. Hunt, I too had never heard this song, and I have listened to a lot of Frank over my life. But the reality is that exactly how I felt about my daughter. We knew our baby’s sex early in my wife’s pregnancy. I went right into defense mode, And as I laughed my ass off listening to it, I truly realized that was me, my attitude, and would be my world. And as I listened to the boy part of the song, I heard many of the aspects of what he wanted his son to grow to be, as warning signs that I wanted my daughter to stay away from. This was a wonderful 1st post of the day. It really made me reflect on my being a dad, Thank You, Please take care and be safe, Bill — ps, I have always been extremely protective of the women in my life. It was just part of my nature, I didn’t know any other way.


  2. O_oooo. Expecting is a precious time, a memory to go back to again and again. “Tell me again, Mommy, about the day I was born.” πŸ™‚

    I haven’t heard this one before either. I’m sure I’d remember. Perfect for this post.


  3. Frank truly was a man’s man of his time. Lol, I’ll never forget the reaction of my papa teaching HIS tiny hellion how to box because, well Robert, you know how men are and you can’t be with her all of the time! Lololol


    • Kanzen, exactly! I remember my father, leaning forward from his easy chair, most earnest and sincere and direct – “Okay, kid,” he began. “Here’s how you defend yourself.” He brought his hands up, the first two fingers on each becoming claws, the other three pressed together below in support. “You go for the eyes – always the eyes, Kid. You strike!” He gestured how to strike. “But,” He said, looking me over, “Kick his knee(s) and climb as you kick and strike for the eyes. Bamm!”


  4. Well, P, tonight you have taught me something πŸ˜‰ Have never heard this tune before, and it’s a good one!
    Luckily I’m loooong past the expecting thing – although these days i could be expecting grandbabies, but even that will be a long time in coming – I hope!
    As for your friend expecting – I wish them all the best. may the little one not scream unless it’s hungry, may it have all the toes and fingers and bring them nothing but joy πŸ™‚


  5. Dear friend,
    I have long been a fan of Mr. Sinatra, and had never stumbled across this gem! Thanks so very much for the mention, the thought, and sharing your words with our anxiously expecting family. It means the world.
    Lots of love,


    • Welcome, Kat! So glad to see you drop by and to take the time to leave such a nice comment. Be sure to see the Wally post – it has some great tunes in it as well. Best ~ HuntMode


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