Wally, Wally, Oxen Free!

Here is why blogging is so much fun. I posted today a bit about Music Wyrms – and one of my readers wrote a comment and I liked it so much, I choose/chose to make Wally’s comment a post. Waldo “Wally” Tomosky’s blog is a joy, a soothing, fly-fishing or, as I don’t fish, a philosopher’s river of stories, hints on fishing and on life. Today’s #38 is a gem. Here is what Wally wrote to me:

Here is a soliloquy that has been in my head for the last 58 years. When I was in the army (1958-60) I was stationed in Fort Dix, not far from Philadelphia. Not having much money we would sit on our foot lockers, smoke cigarettes and listen to the Philly Jazz Station. “We” were made up of Ernie, a Navajo, Tom, a married man from Boston, a young Civil Engineer whose name I can not remember, and myself, a young fellow from upstate New York. On the weekends they always played this song. It is enchanting and I could never get it out of my head.

This young musician from Philly made a bigger hit in Europe than he did in the USA. Here is another one of his tunes when he was known as KOKOMMO.

Enjoy the Wrym


Dear Wally,

You are a man after my own heart. Our friendship is too new for you to know it, but back in November, I wrote a post on what I thought life would be like when I grew up. You have gifted me with two more, especially that first one and I just know Jaycee68 will love it, too, if she is not familiar with those songs. Thank you, Wally.

(You see how I did that, two posts with one Wally!) Grin.

18 thoughts on “Wally, Wally, Oxen Free!

  1. Dear CRH,
    You have made my day in more ways than one.
    First, thank you for your kind words.
    Second, thank you for sharing the pointer to my blog.
    Third, thank you for sharing Sidney’s Soliloquy with other people.
    Fourth, thank you for sharing the music from Jaycee68.
    The instrumentals from those times are priceless. They are so peaceful and allow us to drift away to wherever we wish to drift off to.
    I have saved this post and the one from Jaycee68 to my favorites.
    Thank you again and thanks to Jaycee68.


    • Wally, thank you. It was all my pleasure.

      The thing about Jayce68 is just about every day she posts music – most of which I love, and some as you’d expect, not my cuppa. She has great taste in music. Grin. I figure the two of you might want to swap YouTube favs. Grin. You put it perfectly, “The instrumentals from those times are priceless. They are so peaceful and allow us to drift away to wherever we wish to drift off to.”


      • Music, my dear fellows, and coffee, is really the only reason to get up in the morning 😉
        You need to go to work to earn more money so you can buy more music and coffee – that’s just the bottom line!
        These tunes, of which I much prefer the first one, has indeed taken me away on flights of fancy, dreaming about places I’ve never seen, times I’ve never experienced, life as I’ve never known it – and that is why i just absolutely adore tunes from the olden days…
        Thanks for this P – well worth the listen 😉


  2. Hunt, Waldo has a great blog which I discovered because he stopped by my place randomly and we have been trading visit since. As always I love how you blend things together, your kinda like a pastry chief of blogs. LOL take care, and have a great day — Bill


    • Umm… Bill, is there anything really random…? Grin. Love the idea of being a pastry chef of blogs. Thanks, Bill! – Or maybe, you’re right, the pastry chief of blogs! Command potential. 🙂


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