Just a little note from me ~ and Johnnie Walker

Depending on where you are, we are on the Eve of New Year’s Eve or perhaps it is already New Year’s Eve where you are. This presented me with a bit of a dilemma. I have been posting a series entitled “The Intruder.” I wrote it long ago (1986) and included it in a manual I wrote, which I decided to publish here on Chasing Rabbit Holes.

Here’s the thing. Part 5, the Conclusion, was due to come out on New Year’s Day. However, that meant you might read it drunk or hungover. Mind, my birthday is on March 18, and my entire life has revolved on the same dilemma due to Saint Patrick’s Day being March 17. Nobody wanted to toast me on my birthday because they’d drunk way too much green beer or Jameson’s Whiskey. Or, they had just done their taxes and found out how much they owed the Internal Revenue Service…

I made an executive decision. Part 5, the Conclusion, is coming out tonight at 7:00 p.m. PST or at 1900 hours PDT or on December 31, 2013 at 3:00 a.m. GMT or UTC for you over the ponders. Who says I cannot compromise, eh?

In light of this, I figure a toast of some sort is due. In my family, the men drank Johnnie Walker Black Label. To this day, the smell of Coppertone or Johnnie Walker Black evoke instant images and memories of masculinity, especially of my father. Here’s thing two. I cannot stand the taste of Scotch. It tastes like paint thinner to me and, God knows, I tried to acquire the taste for it if only to participate in those all night sessions of tall tales told into the wee hours and confessions freely denied the next morning. But, and it’s a big but, I love their commercials:

23 thoughts on “Just a little note from me ~ and Johnnie Walker

  1. My dad used to drink White Labelโ€ฆwas that a Johnny Walker whiskey? I remember Black label!
    My first drink was Chivas Regalโ€ฆto me that’s still my pick for whiskey ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. That’s one of the best commercials I’ve seen. Interestingly though it started with music that reminded me of a St. Patrick’s Day night I’ll never forget. Still kinda gives me the shakes lol. Also love Robert Carlyle.


  3. Indeed quite a great ad. Have to say, I’m partial to the taste of scotch. Would rather drink whiskey and bourbon than brandy or vodka or, heaven forbid, wine!
    Here in the RS of A, johnny Walker Blue label has become a sore point – it seems to be the drink of choice for the ruling party’s functions – and we get to foot the bill for their excesses…


      • i saw a picture of one of them washing his hands with it P. That’s just not on. I realise that politicians get rich on the fat of the country’s tax payers, but most of them are not quite as blatant about it as ours are. The lot we have comes across as arrogant teenagers, used to nothing, insistent on everything, and they always knows best.


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