Need a little light?

How do you feel about light bulbs? I am passionate about them.

January 1 is the full-stop deadline when ALL incandescent bulbs MUST BE DISCONTINUED.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves – I LOATHE the energy efficient curlicue bulbs – their light is like that of a refrigerator – cold blue, no matter how many tints you opt for – and if they break, you have to leave the house because they are made with mercury. Stock up, kids.

Have a read, if you don’t believe me.

21 thoughts on “Need a little light?

  1. This is a surprise – some idiots using a sledgehammer to smash a fly on a marble floor.

    Here, we have a choice on the kind of light bulbs we wish to use.

    Gawd! I don’t believe we’re even discussing this!


    • The world is mad, Eric. A year or two ago, I bought cases of light bulbs from Ikea – 100, 60s, and 40s. They were closing out all their incandescents at a ridiculous price – maybe $4 for a case.

      Say again: The world is mad.


  2. I’ve been stockpiling for a bit. Yet anothet example of intrusive government deciding they know what is best for us. That putting mercury into our landfills and in our homes is preferable to using energy. A dictator saying no to beneficial pipelines …. a person who has never worked a day in his life making choices for those of us who live in the real world….and don’t get me started on health insurance. Bah. Humbug.


  3. Hunt, I have changed out every light blub in my house, I did it by choice, and I have adjusted to the slow ramp up, and the unique blend of light provided,. The article you direct us to, makes valid pionts which I agree with. But for me I switched because in my mind it was the right way to go. Market should be the driving force, not regulations from the Fed Govt. Take care, Bill


  4. I got a light bulb today – can’t remember if I saw any incandescents in the aisle – will have to go and look…
    suppose it is a better option, energy wise.Energy is expensive to generate and not good for the planet at all…


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