Anybody want a little company on New Year’s Eve and/or Day?

I will be over at C4C – see that big red button off to the right – click it. I’ll be popping in and out for the next two days. Please stop on by. You’ll recognize me. Just look for my name and the blog in Hollywood lights. Bring your beverage of choice and:

Raise a glass of whatever your favorite beverage and toast with me –

“To friends who become family and to family who become friends.”

If you are here, you are family.

40 thoughts on “Anybody want a little company on New Year’s Eve and/or Day?

  1. Yay! I’m over there right now.

    Normally, I’d take the kiddos out to First Night here, but… they got Ticketmaster involved. Ain’t paying those prices, nope!

    Procedure didn’t happen yesterday, by the way. My guts protested.


            • Don’t think I can resist it – that bag of twinkies is sitting off to the side – just need to drench it with some alcohol – debating which and then maybe adding some true whip cream and a layer of nuts – and…. I’ll have to go back and look at your description!


            • Get 1 lt of milk – room temp – break 4 eggs and toss the yolks into a coffee mug (egg whites can be discarded or if you’re energetic enough used for “kisses”/ beat them with caster sugar 250 gr till firm, grease biscuit pan, spoon little mounds onto it, put in moderate oven say 150 degrees Celsius and bake until done/probably about 1 hr) add 4 heaped tablespoons of plain flour to egg yolks and 6 heaped tablespoons of caster sugar and stir in cup for few minutes, keep adding a bit of milk (probably half cup total taken from the 1 lt) gradually so you don’t get clumps and make a runny “sauce” of it. In the meanwhile boil the rest of the milk with some Vanilla sugar, watching it so it doesn’t boil over. Once milk is boiled remove it from fire and pour the egg yolk “sauce” into the hot milk, stirring with a fork. Once you’ve done that, return it all to low fire, keep stirring and once it has bubbled up a few times – ready! Put aside to cool down a bit, probably 10 min enough then pour hot custard on top of your alcoholic “sponge” which you have also generously plastered with Strawberry Jam or some other jam! Once cooler, put in fridge overnight. The next day comes the next layer – fruits like blueberries and chopped up strawberries. Make your Jelly – any flavour but Strawberry is damn good! Let the jelly settle (probably up to 5 hrs/even if you put in fridge to set, keep checking the jelly and once firm ie almost set, toss it on top of the fruit layer and return to Fridge. The next phase is you whipped cream (unsweetened) layer and grated chocolate on top or coarsely crushed choc whichever you prefer! Man, you’d think I haven’t eaten for days πŸ˜€


            • Oh! You divine woman! I was just going to use a package of Jello custard! Roaring with laughter. Saving this recipe. It just sounds so good! And I haven’t eaten yet! Food calling from the kitchen!


            • I am beginning to understand why you start three days in advance – first the cake must be stale to soak up the alcohol and then you make the custard from scratch – do you make your won whip cream? I do…. unless I’m in a hurry…


  2. Happy new year – drench those twinkies in some bourbon, garnish with some squirts of whipped cream, grab a spoon and munchmunchmunch. I’ve finished my second thimble of an excellent sake. that’s my limit….I’m a cheap date. Hugs to you dear heart and all the precious fur babies. πŸ™‚


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