Urr, um, I forgot…

I am embarrassed about this. I was drinking my morning coffee and BLAM! a memory surfaced and I sat there with my mouth agape. How on earth did I forget? The Intruder was published on its own in Holistic Health News, July 1996. Front page, too, with an outstanding picture of me right on the front page. Oops. Holistic Health News, “the official publication of the Holistic Health Network,” still exists today. I googled it and it has its own Facebook Page. They were very good to me. Thank you for publishing The Intruder in July 1996.


30 thoughts on “Urr, um, I forgot…

    • Thanks, Cimmorene! I actually have had several published. I forgot this because I was working off of the manual .pdf and it completely slipped my mind as it came after. I do remember though picking up lots of copies and, laughter, one woman recognizing me on the bus on the way to work!


    • Oh, Benze, Benze, Benze… Grin. The explanation awaits you if you look off to the right under Categories and click on AWOL – anything having to do with AWOL or When to Lay the Weapons Down is in that category, they’re in reverse order, so recommend you go by date.

      Just one little thing, please when it comes to The Intruder, please begin with Part 1 vs. Part 5, as one of my wonderful followers did… Grin.


    • Dear Benze, I’ve been feeling I did not give an answer to your question the justice it deserved. Two days later, I’d like to correct that…

      Back in the 90’s, I was certified by the State Bar of California to teach attorneys Minimum Continuing Legal Education courses – they are required to take these as a part of continuing to practice law and keep their licenses up to date.

      I created a four hour class that taught on areas of stress, substance abuse, law practice and created a manual, When to Lay the Weapons Down, to accompany the course.

      The name of my business was AWOL, which stood for A World of Light, but I had a back up in case that was too “wu-wu” for ’em, A World of Lawyers… grin.

      I thought to post only a couple of pieces from the manual, but it seemed to appeal to everyone here whether an attorney or not. So, I thought every couple of days or so, I’d post something like 500-700 words of the manual and see what happens.

      This is a lovely short version explanation of how I came to do this in response to your confusion. The longer versions are under the Category AWOL – and are titled:

      Sometimes You Just Have to Go AWOL;
      Rules for Being Human;
      AWOL ~ To Begin With…

      I hope this helps. Grin – I feel better. Best ~ HuntMode


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