22 thoughts on “Paper, Plastic or Paperless?

  1. Hunt, This was quite funny HA HA! ! ! And I enjoyed it for theatrical purposes. But the larger point was entirely missed (or ignored) by you ladies. The poor bastard was set up. Yes, he was being an ass (no pun intended), but again clearly he was set up. His wife clearly used the lantern (I believe you called it) last, and she left it, no, no, no – the bathroom with NOTHING on the roll. Clearly expressing her displeasure with him, and knowing the bind she was putting him in. Because any guy who has been in a relationship (or had a sister, or a mother, or an aunt) for longer than 2 days knows 2 things; 1) you NEVER leave the seat up, and 2) you never leave the bathroom with anything less than a quarter roll of TP. If it is less than a quarter roll YOU MUST LEAVE a roll in the standby position that she deems appropriate. Heck even guys that failed Relationships 101, knows these rules and abide by them. Or else LOL LOL. Glad I could help straighten this matter up. Please take care, Bill


    • Bathroom etiquette 101. LOL – I’ve a feeling this will be a runner up to the Kick Boxer v. Marine video… Clearly, you could have been an attorney in another life, Bill!


      • Hunt, When I was a kid, I had two dreams. One to become a lawyer, and the second to be a teacher. I ended up neither. But I was successful, and the path chosen for me was the correct one. In reflection, I wouldn’t change a thing about my career. Take care, Bill — but I knew some good lawyers LOL and I am a good listener.


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