Rule No. 1: You Will Receive A Body, Part 3

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Continuing…

For the more adventurous:


The following exercise can trigger more or less energy coming in to your body:

Take a few minutes and do the exercises above (Parts 1 and 2) when first beginning this.

Seat yourself on a chair with both feet comfortably on the floor, or sit on the floor with feet crossed and tucked in the Indian position. Hands resting on your thighs. Spine comfortably straight, not rigid, nor slumped (make sure your back is comfortable – rest against the wall if necessary). Breathe deeply, allowing your belly to fill, then your chest, pause. Exhale. Again. With your eyes closed, visualize and feel your spinal column.

See it as a cylinder with an opening at the top and bottom.

To Increase Energy:

Each one of you has instantly seen a certain size circumference. Hold it steady in your mind on your inner screen. Now, begin to play with it by increasing the opening, tilting it upwards, having it begin to spin. Visualize that there are currents everywhere around you – coming from the earth, from the people you’ve been in contact with, from people you have been thinking of. As you play with having the opening increase, feel that energy coming in – upwards through the cylinder. Pay close attention to how you feel. Do you feel better or did you bring in too much? You will know immediately. If it’s too much, simply close down the opening bit by bit until it feels right.

Where in your body does this energy need to go? Send it. Feel it reaching the area in need and spreading through it, easing any blockages or filling in the space that is empty. Each one of us visualizes uniquely – by simply doing, you learn what works for you.

To Decrease Energy:

You are in hyper-drive and need to come back to a calm center – visualizing that cylinder, see the circumference and begin to shut down the opening. You can also see the cylinder shrinking in size. Note how it feels. A good result would be a solid feeling, a grounding vs. the static sensation you were experiencing.

Another way is to take your shoes off, lay down on the floor, and simply allow the Earth to drain that feeling of being overcharged. To the Earth, it is simply energy, neither good nor bad, and it can disburse it to areas where it is needed.

This completes Rule Number 1 of Rules for Being Human.  Rule 2 coming up.

Note: This is part of the AWOL Manual, “When to Lay the Weapons Down,” copyrighted 1995, renewed 2008

16 thoughts on “Rule No. 1: You Will Receive A Body, Part 3

  1. May I ask a question? When you say to feel the energy coming upwards…I am visualizing it coming from the earth and moving up…can we instead visualize it coming from above and going down to the base instead?


    • Shree, great question. I was keeping things as simple as possible. This works off the 7 Chakras – energy points throughout the body. The first is at the base of your spine, sometimes called Kundelini. In this exercise, we are opening and closing that energy point.

      The 7th Chakra is sometimes referred to as the Crown – it is located at the top of your head. Inbetween 1 & 7 are 2-6 – each Chakra processes energy differently as they serve different purposes.

      This could be several posts long. If you find more joy bringing light in from above and down through your body – go with that.


  2. Hunt, thank you teacher, these are lessons I need, I need to practice, and I need to do daily. I don’t exercise as much as I need, and I have used 2013 issues as a reason. In 2014, I am going to get back on the program, the acts may change, but I will be on a program. Thank you. Bill


  3. Excellent series. I like the breathing thing a lot. I hold my breath and forget to breathe as I should when I get tense – which is all the time. I used to do breathing excercises and visualization when I was a wild hippie child. Now that I am a mild hippie child, I need to get back into this. I’ll start out nice and slow and work on this. I’m working on all kinds of issues – inside and outside – and I think this will help. thank you very much. it is great having a personal word press guru!!!


    • Kanzen, you better go read “Warning !!!! Venting – From Inside a Spiritual Person” just so you know the truth about your word press guru…. 🙂 I am glad these are of help to you. I’ve been surprised myself in re-reading the manual. Sometimes, we need a reminder.


      • Like I said, venting doesn’t make you less spiritual, it just makes you a human trying to cope. I’m deeply spiritual and I get pissed off and have to let off steam. So…… are safe!


          • Huntie, there are a couple of posts you may be interested – about relaxing and breathing (Ha!) and a reblog of a night on my back steps. I do more than sing badly on those steps!!

            I have a terrible time sleeping and often go many hours without sleeping, but time spent on those steps are often better than sleeping…


            • I would be interested. Would I find them on your site? Sorry about your having trouble sleeping – aside from toothaches and back pain, that ranks up there with me.


            • Sorry Huntie dear, I was being my lowgrade, dry humor self. I posted a post about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and re-posted a poem (with Hall and Oates as music) about a long ago love and the afternoon we spent dancing and later, er, dancing….The poem entails me on one of my sleepless nights sitting on my back steps in a soft summer rain, watching bunnies graze, and drifting briefly into a dream. In truth, I’ve not slept well since he left 30 years ago and went back to Japan….a sad sad tale – all in a 4 part series, the Samurai and the Wren……but there ya go.


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